These are the productions that say goodbye to Netflix in January

This 2022 is full of premieres and surprises in Netflix. Therefore, pay attention to everything that is coming in this new year in which they are coming. a large number of movies and series, as well as documentaries that are being awaited by loyal fans.

So as to be expected, the streaming platform will eliminate some of the most popular titles and that despite their success in the entertainment catalog, they will be removed, because they have already served their time and therefore deserve to be renewed for everything new that is yet to come and promises to be a sensation.

Therefore, check this list in which we will show you the most impressive productions that you still have time to see before they say goodbye completely. Some like Grey’s Anatomy Y Modern Family They will migrate to other platforms, but there are others that will be fired completely, leaving a gap between the followers of each of them.

Productions saying goodbye to Netflix in January 2022

Some classics as well as newer titles will be saying goodbye to Netflix entirely, but so that this news does not come as a surprise to you, do not hesitate to see in advance these films and series that have been in the entertainment catalog during 2021.

So prepare now the popcorn, the most comfortable sofa and everything you need to enjoy each of these titles that do not lose their validity and that are for the whole family and lovers of all film genres:

We Dance?

This romantic production is a classic in which star Jennifer Lopez shows off her dancing and acting skills. Here she plays a very sensitive character who makes one think of true love, as she assumes the role of a woman who teaches a successful lawyer the most seductive dance steps to win back his wife. But, after his constant treatment, some feelings emerge that he clarifies, since there are multiple differences between them. This movie says goodbye on January 1.

Other productions that say goodbye on January 1: The little Prince, Tapped, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tong Memories, Vexed, Autohead, Save me, Max & Ruby, Deliver us from evil, If you were me, 31 Minutes, The Resurrection of Leuloch, Mía and the White Lion, Don’t Breathe, Metegola, The Adventures of Chuck, The Backyardigans, Caillou, Young Justice, Casper, among other.

The diaryof Bridget Jones

This is another classic that completely says goodbye to Netflix in 2022, so if you want to relive this story in which a woman who has multiple existential crises plays them all in order to achieve her happiness, even if this means raising her daughter alone and without the support of a partner who then appears to show that when you love, there are no limitations of any kind. This plot will be available until January 3.

Memory Love

Here the public will be delighted with a love story in which a girl who loses her boyfriend in a car accident later meets a boy who is willing to give her a heart with which she can live much better, but this one will make her remember part of his sad past. This production will be available until January 18.

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These are the productions that say goodbye to Netflix in January