There is something you can do to save the series you love on Netflix from cancellation

The curious but simple advice of a scriptwriter to ensure that your passion for a certain title is taken into consideration by the streaming platform.

behind each cancellation, especially when it is the final outcome of a series without an outcome as such, there is a group of desolate followers. Sometimes more numerous than others, of course, but the truth is that every title has its audience and nobody likes loose ends. When a network or platform decides not to go ahead with one of its titles nIt’s usually a matter of numbersusually related to expectations regarding the series in question and also to its cost, but which basically it boils down to unsatisfactory audience data.

In the case of NetflixFor example, as a general rule, it usually takes about a month after the premiere of a certain series or season for the streaming platform to decide if it will have a new installment or if it will fall by the wayside. We assume that the data that is analyzed to make the decision will be different in each case but, behind all canceled series, there is always a disappointed team that had given its best.

When a series is canceled it is no longer a novelty that its followers cling to the idea of ​​rescue by another chain and, after a series of examples that “have established jurisprudence” such as Lucifer either Manifestnow we all look at Netflix as the possible great savior. But, What happens when the canceled fiction is a Netflix original?

It is useless to throw our hands in our heads once it has happened. As the screenwriter Michael Green has dared to assure on his personal Twitter account, There is something we can do, as viewers, to help the non-cancellation of the series that we like on Netflix.

A “trick” that he himself describes as something “stupid” by the insignificant effort that it supposes and that really has a quite remarkable importance on the final success of the title in question. You can read his thread below:

This will sound stupid (and it is), but if you’re enjoying a new series released on Netflix, if it doesn’t matter to you, let the episodes play right away so that the completion is counted in a period of time that’s meaningful to you. the hit series

According to Green, it’s important to allow a series to play completely when it’s first launched, even if it’s playing in the background. The reason? Netflix will consider good numbers that a series has been seen in its entirety shortly after its premiere date. Specifically 28 days later, As the scriptwriter has clarified in the face of the doubts of his followers, very interested in what he was proposing: “the significant term is *28 days* from the launch. Not the first day.”

“You can’t save a show after it’s been cancelled,” Green warns. “You can renew it by watching it all the time.” Thus, even if your intention is to enjoy it little by little or save it for later, it is important to do so first for the data that Netflix will analyze, which will focus on the behavior of its subscribers regarding a certain title in those 28 days.

“I love Netflix. Working there is a creative joy,” adds Green. “I think this will change over time. But for now this is important.” Finally, his proposal is that we start with Ollie is lost, the fantasy drama miniseries about a lovable, patchwork bunny searching for his best friend. Likewise, Green, whose credits include the Logan, Alien:Covenant and BSide Runner 2049currently has an agreement with Netflix for the production of series and movies from 2020.

Will following Michael Green’s advice save your favorite series? Not quite. You will do your part to learn how data analysis works, but the final decision will also have to do with budgets and different objectives as to what its success really means.

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There is something you can do to save the series you love on Netflix from cancellation