“There have been no negative changes”: Carmen Salinas’s daughter gives the latest details about her health

Maria Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of Carmen Salinas, reported that her mother “stay the same” in a coma, however, he also said that his health has not deteriorated.

“She is delicate, more than 48 hours have passed and there have been no no negative changeThe other organs are working very well, “he said this Saturday, November 13, in a telephone interview with the program ‘Come joy’.

He shared that he has been able to see his mother and on the first occasion the 82-year-old actress presented a possible stimulus in your body.

“The first time I saw her I spoke in her ear and I saw that she moved her little feet, one imagines positive things, but maybe it was the body’s reaction […] Of course he is listening to me, “he said.

María Eugenia Plascencia Salinas, the only daughter who survives the also producer, shared that this Sunday, November 14, will be her birthday and she will have a very different time from previous years.

“Tomorrow is my birthday, I’m not going to be able to celebrate it with her“, he said with a broken voice. He added that the family lives moments of” concern “and” sadness “, but they continue” with a lot of faith. “

“We must continue to ask our father God until the last.”

“We hope for a miracle from God”: relatives of Carmen Salinas say that the state of the Mexican actress is delicate

They stay positive and don’t consider making “decisions”

Regarding the possibility that Carmen Salinas don’t wake up from coma as stated by Jorge Nieto, godson of the actress on the night of Friday, November 12, in an interview with journalist Azucena Uresti, María Eugenia pointed out that they do not contemplate other options.

“No, I haven’t talked about that right now, I am focused on my mother evolving“, he said forcefully in ‘Come the joy’.

Mexico united in prayer

On the afternoon of November 12, a religious ceremony was held to ask for the actress’s speedy recovery, which was transmitted via streaming.

Carmen Salinas’ daughter asked the public to continue praying for her mother who “everyone adores.”

What does Carmen Salinas have?

Carmen Plascencia, the actress’s granddaughter, explained on the morning of November 12 that her grandmother has been evaluated by various doctors and three neurologists agree that her case is complicated.

“It does not move, has the fan that helps her breathe, which is one of the functions it does the stem, which is one of the parts that was damaged“, he commented in an interview with ‘Come joy’.

“My grandmother today has vital functions that continue to be maintained by her, my grandmother she’s in a coma, serious, but she’s alive“, he added in statements to ‘The sun is out.’

For his part, Gustavo Briones, nephew and right hand of Carmen Salinas, explained that your aunt’s situation is “inoperable” and denied that he was brain dead. In addition, he clarified that he does have assisted respiration, but is not intubated.

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“There have been no negative changes”: Carmen Salinas’s daughter gives the latest details about her health