‘The Witcher’ leaves you wanting more with a great season 2 that places it as one of the best Netflix series

Netflix has finally released the second season of ‘The Witcher’ after two long years of waiting. Despite your problems, I was one of those who enjoyed with the first batch of episodes and was looking forward to seeing Geralt of Rivia’s adventures continue.

A few days ago I already shared with you my first impressions about this second season, some sensations that have been confirmed after watching the four remaining episodes, where the horizontal plot comes to the fore, fueling a conflict called to have great repercussions on the future of the Netflix series.

A global improvement

The universe of ‘The Witcher’ has grown a lot in this second season, both in relation to the motivations and actions of the characters that we already knew and introducing a multitude of novelties. There the series has faced a curious challenge, since one of the most successful aspects of the first was to see how Geralt was facing different challenges every week.

I am aware that there will be those who do not think like that, but for me the horizontal plot of the series got a bit heavy. That is something that was less during the beginning of this second season and that disappears practically completely in the final stretch. In fact, the second half of the last episode is more about laying the groundwork for season three than anything else.

The Witcher Temporada 2

This is achieved in part by raising the intensity and giving more importance to things like destiny, prophecies, and all those kinds of devices that are common in fantasy stories. The showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is quite successful integrating that into the story without ever straying too far from Geralt, Ciri or Yennefer, since it is also true that interest declines slightly when the story does not focus on any of its protagonists.

What is really curious is that the turning point at which ‘The Witcher’ decidedly bets on serialized plots practically coincides with the reappearance of Dandelion, a character with a clear comic function, a task that the character played by Joey Batey It more than delivers, counting on just the right presence so as not to unbalance that growing intensity that I mentioned a little earlier.

Other keys of season 2

The Wticher Yennefer Ciri

In addition, their presence also serves as a nexus point for the protagonists’ path to cross again. It is then when the undeniable growth of the characters with the faces of Henry Cavill -much more talkative in this second season but without ceasing to be the Geralt we know-, Freya Allan -Ciri is the character with a clearer and more interesting evolution in this second season- and Anya Chalotra -Yennefer is the anchor of a subplot that could easily become heavy but ends up being a rather suggestive narrative thread- is more evident.

Until then, the series had been taking things relatively calmly, thus allowing time for the rest of the “players” move token. The big difference when doing it with respect to ‘Game of Thrones’ is that here the protagonism is much more marked, while in the HBO series we really felt that a large number of characters had an equivalent weight in the plot, even if some in particular such as Daenerys, Tyrion or Jon had something more important.

Yennefer Witcher

Then the urgency suits ‘The Witcher’ very well, since even those necessary but less satisfactory subplots take on verve and lead to one not being able to stop watching the last episodes until everything comes to an end. However, everything is better then when it revolves around its three protagonists. Of the newcomers I will definitely stay with Vesemir, also leaving me the certainty that he can still give a lot of himself.

Otherwise, This second season of the series is much more accomplished both in the narrative and the visual. In the first, everything is clearly followed and there is a good balance between the different stories it tells. In the second, ‘The Witcher’ already had very good moments in the first season, but here there is a consistency that that one lacked, without sacrificing the creation of very powerful monsters, both in terms of design and in their setting. in pictures.

In short

The Wticher Vesemir Geralt

‘The Witcher’ has climbed quite a few steps among my favorite Netflix series with this second season -although it still lacks that last push to be among the really top titles on the platform-, also leaving the story at a point that leaves you very curious about what is to come in the third.

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‘The Witcher’ leaves you wanting more with a great season 2 that places it as one of the best Netflix series