‘The Wheel of Time’ says goodbye to Amazon (and it will be the last time we see one of its protagonists)

The team has had to sign a new actor for one of the main characters, Mat Cauthon, who will be played by and not by in season 2 that is already in the process of filming.

The adaptation process of The Wheel of TimeOne of the most popular fantasy series of all time, it has been long and complex, but the effort has been worth it. Amazon Prime Video has bet heavily on what has undoubtedly been one of his most ambitious projects and the result has had its reward, being the series developed by Rafe Judkins the new most viewed fiction of 2021 on the streaming platform. Every week since it was released on November 19, millions of fans enter the fantastic world created by Robert Jordan on paper and accompany Aes Sedai Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and the rest of the characters in their adventure against the Dark One.

One of his young companions is the Dragon Reborn, and according to the prophecy, he is destined to save and destroy the world. The “chosen one” is one of the five villagers of Dos Ríos and his identity is one of the main questions of the first season of The Wheel of Time. He solves it, yes, in his seventh episode, to dedicate the last of the eight that make up the installment, to a epic first battle against the Dark One who did not hesitate to confirm Josha Stradowski, the person in charge of playing Rand al’Thor:

‘The Wheel of Time’ is quick to reveal its big secret: What does it mean for the grand finale of season 1?

From today, the first season of The Wheel of Time It is now available in full on Amazon Prime Video.

‘El Ojo el Mundo’ (1×08) has put the finishing touch to the first part of the story, but there is already a second guaranteed and with the filming quite advanced, and a third season that will begin filming immediately afterwards. Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime Video has plenty of confidence in the project and we will have The Wheel of Time for a while.

But nevertheless, when the second season of The Wheel of Time debut on the streaming platform another actor will be playing one of its main characters. This was announced by Amazon Studios last September, confirming that Barney Harris had left the project and that he would not be playing Mat Cauton in the new installments of the series. The person in charge of doing it from this moment will be the actor of The Witcher Dónal Finn.

‘The Wheel of Time’ changes actor for one of its main characters in season 2

Even if The reasons for the change in the cast were not clarified by the team of the series, it could certainly be dealt with without more than scheduling conflicts or even personal reasons.

In any case, there is nothing to fear. In fact, without going any further Game of Thrones It was the subject of several changes in its cast in the first seasons, eventually changing the actor for well-known characters such as Gregor Clegane “The Mountain”, Daario Naharis or Tommen Baratheon. And nothing happened.

Regarding Mat Cauthon, the character has a lot to offer in season 2 of The Wheel of Time, as a potential channel of the unique Power and threatened by the Red Ajah, who already knows its potential.

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‘The Wheel of Time’ says goodbye to Amazon (and it will be the last time we see one of its protagonists)