‘The Walking Dead’ S11: This character has had his voice changed in the Spanish dubbing but he will soon be him again

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Fox Tv explains that they have had to change the dubbing of a very emblematic character, but do not panic that he will soon return to his being.

Fans of The Walking Dead who have already been able to enjoy the first episode in Spanish of season 11 of the series have been surprised, which for most has been a displeasure. In the new season of the series, one of the most charismatic characters has a different voice in the Spanish version of what we were used to.

It is about of Daryl Dixon’s character, played by Norman Reedus. The change is so remarkable that Several fans approached FOX TV on their social networks to ask for an explanation, since it would be the third time that the actor’s voice has been changed.

The Walking Dead S11 This character has had his voice

In the first three seasons the voice actor who played Daryl was Claudio Serrano, who also plays the voice of Batman, and is usually the usual voice of Christian Bale or Ben Affleck. But from chapter 15 of the third season, during the last seven seasons the voice of this veteran character used to be the voice actor Carlos Di Blasi, who also usually plays Don Chandler, for example.

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The change has raised some controversy, to such an extent that FOX TV has given explanations on its Twitter profile, where it clarifies that they have been “forced” to make this change and that it has been a “one-off” change. In addition, they assure that they will resume the previous dubbing as soon as possible and that “they will dub the affected episodes again.”

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Although Fox has not released who is the new voice actor who plays Daryl in the first chapters of season 11, When the previous change took place, it was such a stir that Daryl became a trending topic during the broadcast of the episode live. On this occasion several fans have protested but the outrage has not been so tremendous.

For those who have not enjoyed simultaneously the premiere of the second episode of season 11, they can do so today, Monday, August 30, at 10 p.m. on Fox Spain.

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