The Walking Dead announces very bad news about its end

The end of the walking dead It is just around the corner. However, they have surprised fans with a very unexpected revelation.

The Walking Dead has announced bad news about its ending. Series showrunner Angela Kang has teased that the series finale will only focus on a small selection of major characters. The last chapter will be 60 minutes long. The end of the show promises to show viewers important characters like Daryl, Carol and Maggie fending off a massive herd of walkers in the Commonwealth and working alongside everyone else.

Episode 23 of the eleventh series ended with all the major heroes of the Commonwealth being besieged by the zombie horde., distracting them while Daryl carries an injured Judith to the community infirmary. The end of the penultimate episode promises an action-packed, risk-taking conclusion to The Walking Dead. However, it will not focus on all the characters. And that’s bad news for the fans, worried about if some plot arcs are left unfinished.

The creators warn: Not all the characters will have their time

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyAngela Kang revealed that the series finale of The Walking Dead would mainly focus on a few important characters. He says that due to the limitations of being an hour long and having so many characters, not all characters will get the same amount of screen time in the final episode. This could be a double edged sword.

“What I will say is that this is the approach we take,” said The Walking Dead showrunner. “And it is possible that not everyone will be satisfied with this. But when you have so many characters, you can’t give each one equal weight in something that’s basically, I don’t know, 60 minutes of screen time. You’re going to have unimportant padding. So the way we saw it was when we got to the end.”

“We want a hint of what’s happened to everyone, but we really used this whole block of The Walking Dead episodes to shine the spotlight on different people at different times,” he continued. “So we hope that everyone has a moment to shine and show who they have become in this. But they still have this last fight to get through together. The ending is definitely focused on a few particular stories. It’s not going to be that every person gets equal screen time because, like I said, it makes it impossible to manage.”

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The Walking Dead announces very bad news about its end