The video that Beatriz Salomón recorded before she died: “Justice”

Beatrice Solomon died on June 15, 2019 from a colon cancer. days before his death, and according to what he narrated Anne Rosenfeld few hours ago, the deceased figure of the show filmed a video in which he expressed his last wishes regarding the future of his daughters and against Alberto Ferriolshis ex-partner.

Noelia Ferriols he broke down when talking about his father in THE M and moved Ana Rosenfeldwho then proceeded to spread the information about the video he recorded Solomon. “I was with my dad these last years and I was not well at all. I want to talk to someone because I think it’s time and I can’t take it anymore. I’m afraid of what might happen,” said the young woman.

Then, Anne Rosenfeld gave details of the will of Beatrice Solomon Regarding the residence where he lived until the last time: “The house belongs exclusively to Noelia and Betina. He even authorized his grandchildren and his sons-in-law. Today we cry together with Noelia because we revived a video that I have, from a few days before she diedwhich she recorded in his presence.”

“That video was voluntary, she was perfectly lucid and it will be submitted to Justice at the time they require it. And of course, Justice will determine what state Beatriz was in,” he said. Anne Rosenfeld. It should be noted that the lawyer was the one who defended Solomon in court against America, Luis Ventura, Daniel Tognetti, Miriam Lewin and Jorge Rial for disclosure of intimate images, violation of privacy and non-pecuniary damage.

Why Beatriz Salomón sued journalists from América TV

the judgment of Beatrice Solomon against the personalities mentioned above had to do with the scandalous television moment generated by a hidden camera of Doc Point. At that time, the star and her husband Alberto Ferriols attended an interview was altered by the publication of an intimate video of the doctor, for which the couple ended up dissolving.

Beatriz Salomón: her life and work

Native of San Juan, Salomón was an employee of Banco Agrario and winner of Miss San Juanan award that led her to meet Alberto Olmedo, with whom she starred in several programs that made her known in the entertainment world.

Among his most outstanding works are don’t touch button (Channel 9, 1981 – 1987), The Manosanta is loaded (Hugo Sofovich, 1987), Black can’t (1986) and we were so poor (1987). In the 1980s and 1990s, he also worked with Jorge Porcel, Javier Portales, Guillermo Francella, Tristán and Jorge Corona.

In 2004, they showed through a hidden camera as her husband at that time, the plastic surgeon Alberto Ferriols, had relations with another person in his office.

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The video that Beatriz Salomón recorded before she died: “Justice”