The terrible video of Fede Bal’s accident in El Trece: “I broke my arm”

The terrible accident he suffered “Fede” Bal in Brazil surprised everyone, although the full video had been slow to come out on the television. However, once the recording was published more details were known about what happened to the driver of Rest of the world for The thirteen.

The son of Carmen Barbieri He had a really bad time in the neighboring country while experimenting with a paraglider: he fell and broke his arm, for which he had to undergo emergency surgery in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The exposed fracture resulted in his arm hanging only by his skinaccording to the protagonist’s own words.

Fede Bal and his accident in Brazil: the desperate video

The 32-year-old actor and driver suffered a mishap that could have cost him a much worse injury while driving one of the TV shows. Rest of the world for The thirteen. As an introduction to one of the activities in said broadcast, he stated: “We are going to move on to our next experience, one of the most shocking that I had to live. Because sometimes, when everything seems to be going well, the higher you vibrate, the more exposed you are.

About what happened, the ex-boyfriend of “Laurita” Fernández highlighted: “As you will see, From the outset I already noticed something strange that gave me distrust, I’m not going to lie to you. She had a hunch that something wasn’t right. The first time I do it in my life. I’m a little bit nervous”.

In the same line, Faith Bal remarked that “The first takeoff attempt was unsuccessful. The sail got tangled up with the cameraman ´Pepi´”. “´Bel´ has been doing this for 20 years, so I wasn’t worried, but then the unexpected happened.”recognized the artist.

Regarding what happened on time at that alarming moment, the presenter recalled that “The combination of a crosswind gust and a bump on the runway caused an accident on takeoff.” On the other hand, he said that “the pilot put the propeller to the maximum” and expanded: “The whole structure was shaking and that’s when I realized that this was not going to end well.”

One of Fede Bal’s posts after his accident in Brazil.

Even, Faith Bal assured that “everything happened very quickly: the wind came, the sail turned on its side, the well appeared and everything turned upside down.” And there, in the midst of the chaos, I realized that something had broken me. Fate had manifested, admitted the actor. In a desperate scream, Carmen Barbieri’s son exclaimed: “I broke, I broke my arm. No problem. Someone make me a tourniquet… I just broke my arm”.

By last, Federico Ball He took the opportunity to thank those people who collaborated with him in one of the most complicated moments of his life. “Out of nowhere a lioness named Natalia appeared, who was just looking at her husband Hernán, and helped us with everything”he pointed out.

Already about the hospitalization in a clinic in Rio, the protagonist defined as “another trip” to what happened there and completed: “I knew my arm was out. I saw my arm outside my body while I was losing a lot of blood. They took me holding my arm to the municipal hospital so that it wouldn’t fall off, because the only thing that held it was my skin.”

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The terrible video of Fede Bal’s accident in El Trece: “I broke my arm”