The tears of Juana Viale at the end of her program: “I am grateful for life”

At a relaxed and relaxed table Mirtha’s night, with Juana Viale says goodbye to the screen. On this occasion, the host received the actress Verónica Llinás, the actor Luciano Cáceres, the designer Mariano Caprarola and the actor and film director Nicolás Stupenengo, who exchanged life experiences and advanced some of their projects for the summer season.

Towards the end of the program, the host received flowers and a letter from Storylab, the producer headed by her brother Nacho. “I cry without knowing what it is,” admitted Juana, already moved. “Two years ago we went looking for help in the face of the scourge that the world still lives today. The program had to continue, that was your grandmother’s will ”, he read, with increasing emotion. “We found help and today we have a driver in constant evolution and prominence,” he continued, his voice already broken.

“Your growth fills us with pride and it is deserved. How beautiful the barks are, you are riding ”, he continued, while Cáceres, his director in the play El ardor, took his hand to encourage him. “We love and thank you, wherever we will always be together,” concluded the text signed by directors Nacho Viale and Diego Palacio and all of StoryLab. It should be remembered that Since March 20, 2020, for health reasons, Juana took over the conduction of her grandmother’s two cycles, Mirtha’s night and Lunch with Mirtha Legrand.

“Yours epic, as they say now. Epic ”, Llinás stressed, while the applause in front of and behind the camera embraced the driver. “One is like one more protagonist. None of this can be without my guests, without the production, without Jime Cocina (in charge of Jimena Monteverde), my production team, the technicians and the cameras ”, he thanked in the midst of emotion.

Next, Juana referred to her experience as a driver with absolute sincerity and thanked the permanent teachings of those people who have had years of experience: “My idea … as they say, I fell here as if by magic. I only have words of thanks to all my guests. It is not easy to coordinate schedules and they have done crazy things to be here. I respect everyone, that they come here and can say what they want, “he said by way of balance for his almost two years at the helm of the historic program.

“I am grateful for life, this beautiful cycle ends,” she concluded, and dared to make some conjectures regarding the future: “What will happen next year? I don’t know, I’m not interested either because destiny is going to let me know ”, He finished without giving more details about his continuity or not in the program. To relax, he did refer to the next steps of El ardor, with which he will tour Uruguay, and ended the block with a toast with his guests.

For the end, there was a parade by Mariano Caprarola, who presented the most outstanding dresses by renowned designers, including Claudio Cosano -who dressed Mirtha on his return last Saturday- and Gino Bogani, who regularly dresses Juana. In fact, the actress had the pleasure of wearing her outfit on the catwalk. On Sunday at noon there will be a special with the best moments of the year, but the formal closing of the cycle was in the living room armchair, clinking glasses with his guests and predicting wishes for things to come: “May Pachamama continue to prevail over consciousness of human beings. And for my grandmother, my brother and my family ”.

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The tears of Juana Viale at the end of her program: “I am grateful for life”