The surprising statement that Alba Carrillo makes about the son of Ana Rosa Quintana

If there is someone who has shown on multiple occasions not to mince words and not be afraid to talk about anything or anyone, it is Alba Carrillo. She did it when she had a lot to lose by criticizing the producers and bosses she worked for and she does it now that she is completely free.

This Saturday, Alba Carrillo did not hesitate to be ironic when talking about the party that Unicorn Content, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, celebrated last Friday to celebrate the success of the season and in view of the great future that awaits the producer with Quintana’s jump to Telecinco’s afternoons.

Thus, Alba Carrillo did not hesitate to refer to what happened at the producer’s Christmas party in which everyone caught Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez being disloyal to his wife. An infidelity that gave a lot to talk about and starred for hours and hours in all the Telecinco programs.

“Hasn’t anyone been recorded this time? Wow, I always miss the good, “wrote Alba Carrillo in comment to a photograph of Cristina Tárrega. After many media have highlighted the “axe” of the former collaborator of “Ya es mediodía” to Ana Rosa Quintana, Alba has not remained silent, making it clear that she was not attacking anyone.

«I have not thrown any darts or any zasca at absolutely anyone. I just made a funny little joke », she clarifies in a video of the Instagram story of her fed up with appearing in headlines after Unicorn Content did not renew her contract.

The lapidary message from Alba Carrillo to Ana Rosa Quintana

But if this Saturday’s message generated a lot of astonishment, now Alba Carrillo has added fuel to the fire with a direct attack on Ana Rosa Quintana for what she says about her son. «I am very amused that there were cell phones at the company party at Christmas only to record me, but not to record other people, such as Ana Rosa’s son, who also had a great time«, releases the model without any shame.

What does Alba Carrillo mean with the son of Ana Rosa? Will there be a response of some kind from the presenter or her surroundings? It should be said that Ana Rosa has always been very suspicious of her private life and especially of her children. The presenter has three children: Álvaro, the eldest of 36 years, the result of his relationship with the journalist Alfonso Rojo and married to the psychologist and regular collaborator of Telecinco, Ana Villarrubia; and Juan and Jaime, the 18-year-old twins and sons of her husband Juan Muñoz.

Likewise, Alba Carrillo leaves one last warning to all the media. “I will take the necessary measures. I don’t know what type of profile they are talking about and what type of person has communicated what, information that I do not know, but since they are playing with my son’s bread, we are all going to play », she warns.

But in addition, Alba sends a last message that could be understood as a dart to the vetoes of the new direction of Mediaset with Alessandro Salem as CEO. «I am not part of the book of the witches of Salem, the witches of Salem are where they have to be. I don’t play witches, I ask you to please leave me alone and let me live because I’ve cried enough already. It is no longer my time », she sentences.

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The surprising statement that Alba Carrillo makes about the son of Ana Rosa Quintana