The surprising confession of Juana Viale about the return to TV of Mirtha Legrand

On Saturday night one of the television events of the year took place: the return of Mirtha legrand to the screen of eltrece to conduct the last 2021 program of its cycle Mirtha’s night. However, the lunch diva didn’t do it alone. His granddaughter Juana Viale -who has been in charge of the The night… Y Having lunch as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic- was accompanying her on a night where Legrand received Ricardo Darín, Diego Torres, Darío Barassi and Jey Mammon.

On Sunday, in a new “table”, Viale made reference in his opening monologue to the Saturday program and surprised to get more personal and confess that he never wanted to outshine his grandmother on her big comeback. “I did not want to steal his place,” he said, and explained what his role was. “Sharing the table with her was a challenge for me as an artist because she drives and I just wanted to accompany her, not steal her place, my contribution was to be there, not helping, because she doesn’t need help, it’s Mirtha Legrand ”, the actress added.

Juana Viale and Mirtha LegrandGza. Eltrece

On the other hand, he assured that Mirtha got “all the applause” and that it was a “very nice and emotional” program. Minutes later, with a certain irony he “criticized” Darín, Barassi, Torres and Mammon. “Mirtha comes back and has those guests, of course … but they didn’t come with me, eh? It does not matter, today I have my guests, “he remarked, before introducing Nacha Guevara, Martín Bossi, Violeta Urtizberea Y Mariano Martinez.

Mirtha Legrand did very good numbers on her return
Mirtha Legrand did very good numbers on her returnLNDM

The return of the host was very well received by viewers: Mirtha comfortably led Saturday night before the competition of PH: We can talk, the Telefe cycle led by Andy Kusnetzoff.

Mirtha’s night was imposed on PH with 9 average rating points. On the other hand, the Telefe program garnered 6.7 points, well below its usual average. Regarding the peaks, the return of the diva had a 10, while Andy achieved one of 8.1.

If we count your presentation from December 19, 2020 Y the one of last August 28, Saturday’s marks the third time Legrand stepped foot in the studio in a span of 20 months.

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The surprising confession of Juana Viale about the return to TV of Mirtha Legrand