The suggestive video of Jessica Cediel: Everyone wants to see it!


Without wanting to, Jessica Cediel has opened the debate as to whether it is a good idea for celebrities to create paid pages of exclusive content for their followers.

The 39-year-old Colombian television host has drawn attention after launching her paid exclusive content page, where she offers videos on demand for her fans.

“Finally!!! In my profile you can find the link my beautiful people ”, he announced with a suggestive video posted on his account. Instagram, where it promotes its newly launched exclusive content paid page, in which he promises that he will share exclusive videos and photos, and will have direct access only with members of that community.

Meet Jessica Cediel’s exclusive content paid page

“I am Jessica Cediel and I want to welcome you to my website. Here we will speak directly, I will also share exclusive photos and videos, behind the scenes, beauty tips and much more ”, announces the recently opened page of the television presenter.

“Many of you have always asked me for videos, well, through my page you can order a personalized video for you or your loved ones. Join me on this adventure. I am happy to have you here and that you are part of my digital family. Sign up now, ”he adds.

The former host of the reality show Exathlon United States, from Telemundo, also promoted his page on his twitter account, where he has more than 5 million followers. “Family! How are they!!! Going to greet! With all my love I left you a surprise! Go visit: and they tell me, ”he said.

According to the information on the website, the value of the subscription to access the exclusive content of Cediel is US $ 0.99 the first month, and then US $ 2.99 per month. No details are given of what value the videos would be on demand or if they are included with the subscription.

However, this new digital project by the actress and television presenter does not mean that she will stop uploading content of free interest to the more than 8.6 million followers she has on her Instagram account. This has been demonstrated with various publications that he has made to encourage his fans.

He recently uploaded a photo with the suggestive message: “Untouchable … but you feel this” (Untouchable … but you feel this). And in a post just 2 days ago he was very happy dancing and showing his followers how important music is in his life.

“What would life be like without music… I couldn’t, for me dancing is life. And you my people, do you think so? ”, He asked his fans.

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The suggestive video of Jessica Cediel: Everyone wants to see it!