The strong macho offense of a Venezuelan actor to Rocío Marengo: “You are single”

Rocio Marengo discussed with the actor Fernando Carrillo in The Hotel of the Famous and she was fed up with an attack received at that intersection. The former participant of Dancing for a Dream was indignant with the artist from Venezuela and was defended by a partner from the reality show The thirteen.

“Really, it seemed to me that it was wrong, that you were playing staff and having to fulfill your role. I don’t want to bother anyone. If something bothered you, come and I’ll try not to do it,” Marengo began his defense, as a defense because Carrillo had criticized her for her work as a staff manager.

Catherine Fulop’s ex was furious after the model’s response and lashed out: “Maybe that’s why you’re single, my love. Because you’re so pretty, but an attitude, do you understand? Bad vibes.” The television personality did not remain silent and went for more: “And what do you know if I am single or not? Is that also thought in Venezuela, that if one is single it is because it is wrong? No, love. I’m better alone than with a man who doesn’t even reach my heel. The day I find a man like people, I’ll be in a relationship. I don’t need a man, I can alone”.

“No, not with those things. Fer, let’s change that chip. Excuse me for getting in, but I am also a woman and we are trying to evolve permanently, although we are wrong. You are alone because you want to, because you can or perhaps you are not alone,” said Érica García in defense of marengo.

Flor de la V’s strong criticism of El Hotel de los Famosos

the driver of intruders she came back from her vacation on fire and made her lethal opinion known about the casting made by the production of The thirteen to The Hotel of the Famous 2. “‘The Hotel Transilvania’ is back. If you thought that last year’s celebrities were cabotage, now directly. We went to B! Marengo is Susana Giménez there. In that cast is Susana, Mirtha (Legrand) and Moria (Casán) all together”, he stated of the V between laughs, in a sarcastic way because of how little known are the people who participate in the reality show whose rating measurements made it go from prime time to the afternoon.

“The only thing that I can break a spear is because of the games. It was ‘someone has to die’. Someone has to leave the lung, break live,” added the diva.

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The strong macho offense of a Venezuelan actor to Rocío Marengo: “You are single”