‘The Squid Game’ will become real on Netflix with a millionaire prize contest

Netflix has announced ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’a reality show based on the squid game that imitate games, tests and statics of most watched premiere in the history of the streaming portal. Counting on 456 players who will compete in a series of games for a $4.56 million prize -record number in television-, Netflix defines the Show as the largest reality competition in history and ever presented to the public. The production matches with the announcement of the second season. As confirmed by the streaming giant, the casting has started. You have the advance, which has been distributed by The Hollywood Reporterbelow.

An original show inspired by the challenge of an acquaintance youtuber: as it will be the squid game in real life

the squid game It was a real storm thanks to its history, its history and its iconic visual style” commented Brandon Riegg, author of unscripted shows and documentaries, praising the direction of Hwang Dong-hyuk. “We are delighted to turn this fictional world into something real and a competition massive that, in addition, be a social experiment. Fans of drama and the unpredictable will be fascinated by this journey in which 456 people will compete for the biggest prize in television history in a road full of tension and twists, “concluded the executive.

We are delighted to turn this fictional world into something real and a massive competition

The show will have 10 episodes and has been inspired by the success of youtuber mr beastwhich held a small-scale version of the contest with games from the Korean production. The video of Mr. Beast exceeds 250 million views and even received applause from Hwang, creator of the South Korean series. “I have seen something, I loved it, it helped me to promote the series even more,” said the author, although Netflix has wanted to stay out of this type of comparison in the announcement. Although the casting is open, it will be limited to English speakers, although a possible adaptation of the show to other countries and formats is not ruled out. Netflix usually adapts its contests and reality shows to different countries and considering the power of the brand, it would not be surprising.

The production promises to be challenging. The players will be many, and the tension will increase in each episode as they are eliminated and a handful of protagonists remain.. Nothing has been said, but it seems that the isolation will be reproduced and that the games of the show, beyond what we have seen in the series -which will be present-, will have new and unreleased versions. Netflix’s intention with this the squid game in real life is to keep the players in tension. This step is logical especially considering the money that the series has generated for the gate. While the contest arrives, we invite you to theorize about the second season. The critics have not been long in coming, indicating that, despite the attractiveness of the idea in its most television sphere, Netflix has ended up being like the villains of fiction and has fallen into what was ironized and analyzed in the original Korean production.

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‘The Squid Game’ will become real on Netflix with a millionaire prize contest