‘The Squid Game’ and other series that will leave you thinking for weeks

Not only is the South Korean Netflix series a worldwide phenomenon, it is being the subject of endless speculation, theory and speculation by fans. Squid-fever!

Since watching series is one of the most widespread pastimes among different generations and the proliferation of new titles on different networks and platforms is in full swing, television phenomena can be counted by the handful each year. However, although there are more and more series that savor success, not all of them manage to leave that mark on the viewers who have them thinking, speculating and even developing theories for weeks and even when it comes to several seasons, also for months.

The most recent example is found in the South Korean series The Squid Game, a fiction about a bloody survival competition developed by Dong-hyuk Hwang that is on the way to unseating The Bridgertons and becoming the most watched series on the streaming platform in its entire trajectory. Not only are millions of followers around the world mercilessly devouring it and growing the hand-mouth phenomenon, but there has also been a An authentic explosion of theories and speculations that go through discovering why its protagonist dyes his hair red, what the symbols mean or unraveling how each of the games could be won.

What do the circle, triangle and square mean in ‘The Squid Game’

Not all successful television series leave us wondering, but The Squid Game It is not the first nor will it be the only one to do so. Next, We remember some of the fictions that managed to click in our heads and that had us thinking about their possible meaning, details that went unnoticed and also their possible turns and future for a while.

‘The squid game’

Everything, absolutely everything that happens in The Squid Game it has been the subject of debate and speculation. The protagonist’s hair dye, his relationship with the old man, the ways they use to distinguish themselves, the tests they have to overcome … The South Korean series includes many elements, each more disturbing, so as not to stop thinking about them later to devour the 9 episodes that make up the first season -and only one, for the moment.

The Squid Game It is the series that everyone talks about, but if you have not seen it yet, we summarize it. It focuses on a strange place where a massive game takes place. Those who pass the six tests, will get an incredible prize of 45.600 million won – about 33 million euros – but there is a cat locked up. The price they must pay for their defeats is death. The 456 players have ended up there to pay off their debts, but they will have to decide whether they prefer to return to their sad life or fight to change it, even if it is with their own blood.

Where to see it: and Netflix


It lost a bit of steam after its first season, but managed to regain it in the third and now faces its fourth installment on HBO. TV version of the famous movie Metal souls (1973), Westworld presented us with a curious Western theme park in its 2016 premiere that launched a real machine to generate theories. In the curious place, a place inhabited by androids where its wealthy visitors could put all their wishes into practice, it was difficult to determine what was and what was not true, what were the implications of what was happening in it and who or what they were. really each of his characters. From the seemingly innocent and harmless pains to the mysterious Man in Black.

After a first installment in which some questions were resolved but a thousand more were raised, the existence of other parks and the darkness around the company in charge of putting them into operation caused the theories to grow exponentially, so yes, definitely the one developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy is one of those series that made us think far beyond its initial premise.

Where to see it: and HBO.

‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’

The Marvel people know very well how to keep the attention of the spectators. Before the premiere of Loki they had already played with our minds with Scarlet Witch and Vision, a romantic series, with a lot of action, winks to other characters in the cinematographic universe and, of course, hidden secrets that are unfolding little by little.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are the protagonists and neighbors of Westview, a small town to which they move to lead an idyllic life as a couple. But they immediately notice that the woman who lives next door has a strange behavior or that, many times, they do not remember what they are doing in a specific place. In addition, in one episode they are part of a fiction from the 50s, but in the next they are surrounded by the atmosphere of the 70s. And in the other they enjoy all the color and joy of the 80s. What is happening in the lives of superheroes?

Where to see it: on Disney +.

‘Black Mirror’

The famous British series created by Charlie Brooker first for Channel 4 and later for Netflix has a very particular quality, which is to be perceived in a very different way by viewers. As they are anthological and independent episodes that pose very different scenarios although all related to new technologies and our development as a society, the stories told in Black Mirror They always gave rise to conversations and even debates, by putting us, on some occasions, before universal dilemmas in which we felt we were participants.

Likewise, the fact that many of them left the true meaning of their denouement or the conclusions to be drawn in the hands of the viewer also gave rise to constant theories and speculation. In short, let him raise his hand who, seeing Black MirrorNever ask yourself: “What would I have done?”

Where to see it: and Netflix.


Any fiction that has time travel within its plot is a great candidate to become one of those ‘mindfuck’ series that Anglo-Saxons call it. That is, a story that fucks your mind, speaking badly and soon. But what about Dark It is already on another level, getting to join five timelines with its dozens of different characters and plots. There is nothing.

Everything centers on Winden, a city where many disappearances of children have taken place. And not only that. Their neighbors have gone through gruesome relationships and hide great secrets that have marked their lives forever. It starts from the present -in this case, 2019- and forks towards different years to give a solution to all the mysteries that have affected the residents of this German town, either in the past or in the future.

Where to see it: and Netflix.

‘The OA’

It was released by surprise and left us in one piece. And we can say it a bit like that, in general, since The OA was one of those first crazy Netflix freaks that, like now with The Squid GameSuddenly it was on everyone’s lips and had half the world thinking about its strange premise.

What was clear from the first moment is that the series developed by Britt Marling was not a series like any other and that, after its starting point of the reappearance of a young woman who had disappeared for years, lay a much deeper and more sensory story related to near death experiences and even other dimensions.

How you remember, The OA made us think, but also dance, and there are many who, even today and having been canceled by the platform, one day a third season will appear by surprise on the Netflix carousels to re-start the less rational hemisphere of our brain.

Where to see it: and Netflix


If before we talked about travel in the time of Dark, another series that focuses on this theme is Loki, albeit in a much less chaotic and somewhat more heroic way. Here the protagonist is the God of deception, neither more nor less, which is already a sign that the plot is apt to speak at length. You will start to see it by Tom Hiddleston and you will stay because in each new episode you will be more caught.

It begins in a place that, in itself, is strange and mysterious, the Agency for Temporal Variation. They are the in charge that everything that has to happen in the timeline occurs and that there is no strange deviationa, the so-called Variants. But it is also an organization that does not show its true face. That’s where all the problems start.

Where to see it: on Disney +

‘Game of Thrones’

Another megaphenomenon of those that left its mark in the history of television was Game of Thrones. And also with a disappointing ending for many, curiously enough. Although that would be another topic to analyze. The point is that the television adaptation of the saga of novels ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George RR Martin became one of the most watched series in the world after captivating with its first season and, from the first moment, we He set a goal: Find out who would end up sitting on the coveted Iron Throne.

But it would not be the only one. In fact, among the most basic questions – Would Daenerys make it to Westeros and restore the Targaryen reign? Do the Starks have a chance? What to expect from the other legitimate heirs of Robert Baratheon? Who is Jon Snow’s mother? What are the White Walkers lurking on the other side of the Wall? – we were meeting elements of fantasy and science fiction that exploded our heads. The series raised certain questions from the beginning, since, being an unfinished literary work, not even George RR Martin had come to answer them. In fact, as you may already know, David Benioff and DB Weiss, the creators of the series, were forced to do it first once the fiction caught up with the American author’s novels.

Where to see it: and HBO.


Summarizing the intricate plot of Utopia is not an easy task, but we are going to give it a try. The series focuses on a group of comic book lovers who believe that the graphic novel The Utopia Experiments it is capable of predicting global pandemics and tragedies in today’s world. It is believed that there is a sequel that was never published, but it has not been confirmed … until one person takes over the manuscript. Five people get together to read it, but they put themselves in the crosshairs of a dangerous organization called ‘La Red’, which also wants to get hold of it. They just know they have to get to safety and find a certain Jessica Hyde.

It is a British series premiered on Channel 4 in 2013. Its two seasons have millions of followers around the world and its impact has been such that Amazon made a ‘remake’ in 2020, with a much more mediocre result.

Where to see it: of the movie


The outcome may not have been satisfactory for a large part of his followers around the world, but it could not be missing from this list Lost, one of the series that changed the history of television and that turned out to be the first great addiction of many series fans. Even the ending itself, with all the criticism received, was analyzed ad nauseam and, Still to this day, there is a certain debate about its meaning and whether the island was a purgatory, or if they were all dead.

What is the island? It was the question that we all asked ourselves at some time and, more than 15 years later, the question remains, but, as you will remember, during its entire six seasons, all kinds of theories were not stopped developing about each new detail that its creators introduced. : why the island changed places, who he was and what interests Charles Widmore really had, the meaning of numbers and a long etcetera that He starred in the conversations of groups of friends around the world for years.

Where to see it: on Amazon Prime Video and Disney +.

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