The spin-off of ‘The Boys’, ‘Gen V’, already has a release date on Prime Video

The actors’ strike has not only jeopardized the production process in television and cinema, but also the promotion. Thus, an event with as much impact as the San Diego Comic-Con, which is being held between July 20 and 23, has been left without the intervention of the interpreters who usually animate the panels. Among the projects that canceled his interventions is ‘Gen V’, the spin-off of ‘The Boys’ that, despite this abrupt absence, has taken advantage of the convention framework to reveal its release date.

Prime Video has announced that the first three episodes of ‘Gen V’ They will be available in your catalog from September 29. Therefore, superhero fiction will overlap with the second season of ‘The Wheel of Time’, which will be released on September 1. In the case of the spin-off of ‘The Boys’, The broadcast will run until November 3since new episodes will be released every week until the first season ends on that date.

‘Gen V’

‘Gen V’ takes place in the same universe as ‘The Boys’, but relatively far from Vought headquarters. Instead of going through the corridors of the headquarters of the evil multinational, The protagonists of the spin-off congregate at Vought University, where they try to tame their powers to become deadly creatures. However, the revelation that these gifts are artificial and come from Compound V confronts this generation with a existential crisiswhich can make it difficult to fierce competition to graduate top of their class.

booming franchise

‘The Boys’ has established itself as one of the most valuable intellectual properties under the Amazon umbrella. The parent series has managed to gather millions of viewers, who already experienced a first split with the animated ‘Diabolical’. He now has the turn of a branch of flesh and blood, which will be ahead of the premiere of the fourth season of his older sister. In fact, even before the debut of ‘Gen V’, Amazon demonstrated his confidence by getting the script room going for a potential second seasonas Deadline revealed in January of this year.

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The spin-off of ‘The Boys’, ‘Gen V’, already has a release date on Prime Video