The Spanish star of 1899, the Netflix series (and it’s not Miguel Bernardeau)

    Netflix has kept with great care each and every one of the secrets of its next big bet: 1899. Until a few days ago, when the trailer that you can see below was released, we hardly knew what this new fiction would be about. We knew, for now, that it was praised by the creators of Darkone of the best sci-fi series on netflix: Germans Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. We had a vague idea of ​​its plot: something about a steamship carrying hopeful emigrants from Europe to America, only to encounter another drifting ship along the way, something about the promised land of opportunity turned into a terrifying Nightmare passed through water… And we also knew something that, in this platform’s Tower of Babel, produced by many hands and with talents from very different countries, there would be room for not one, but two stars of the Spanish audiovisual industry. The first, Miguel Bernardeau. And the second?

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      Well, neither more nor less than Darío Madrona, internationally successful screenwriter and the first Spaniard to put the pike in Flanders del showrunning solo leading an american series, someone is lying. Though much less well known, Madrona’s stardom actually has a lot to do with Bernardeau’s. Although he has been in this for much longer than the actor —close to 20 years in the profession, Darío Madrona has been the architect of Spanish television classics such as the protected—, the turning point for the global relevance of both, in their respective fields, was the celebrated premiere of Elitein 2018. Miguel Bernardeau was one of the most visible and constant faces in the Netflix teen criminal megahit, which Madrona co-created with Carlos Montero, the father of Physics or chemistry.

      The screenwriter Dario Madrona.

      Anthony Rivera

      After making Bernardeau and so many other relatively unknown young actors world famous with Elite, Madrona left the series after three seasons. In 2020, he left Montero at the controls of the sexy drama that continues to succeed on the platform and undertook a world-tour that took him to different points of the globe. In the midst of a covid emergency, moreover. While he waited for the production of someone is lyinghis Yankee project paralyzed by the pandemic, received the long-awaited green light, Netflix offered him to participate in 1899 under an unconventional premise: to bring together scriptwriters from different languages ​​and backgrounds in Berlin to work together with those responsible for Dark. After three weeks of creative retreat, each would write the script for an episode of the series. If IMDb does not deceive, the Spanish got the second chapter. So it only remains to wait for November 17 for it to premiere on Netflix 1899with the Spain brand printed twice.

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The Spanish star of 1899, the Netflix series (and it’s not Miguel Bernardeau)