The Sonic Prime series prepares its premiere on Netflix with unpublished images and a brief trailer

The platform will bring the blue hedgehog back to the animated world with a series scheduled for 2022.

Sonic has starred all kinds of products: video games, figures, movies and even series. Netflix has realized the potential of the blue hedgehog, and that is why in 2020 it was not surprising with the announcement of Sonic Prime What an exclusive series for your platform. And now after a few details and a long silence, the company gives us the opportunity to cast a first look to your project.

Netflix has not given a release date, but maintains its interest in the projectOn the one hand, Netflix has published a statement in which he reaffirms the premiere of Sonic Prime, scheduled for this 2022along with other animation series aimed at a Children public, such as Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, Daniel Spellbound or Dead End: Paranormal Park. As for the blue hedgehog, this message has also been accompanied by some first images of the iconic character in the world created by Netflix.

To increase expectations around its series, Netflix has published a trailer in which we glimpse pieces of everything that is about to arrive on your platform. In this preview, some of the children’s projects mentioned in the previous paragraph stand out, but it is Sonic who closes the video with a few scenes that show us his character, as well as his iconic speed.

We still don’t have a release date for Sonic Prime, but we can rest assured that Netflix still interested in maintaining this project. On the other hand, this statement also recalls that The Cuphead Show will receive a second seasonwhich will continue a series of adventures that not only capture the original essence of the game, but also broaden their own horizonsan opinion that you can read in our analysis.

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The Sonic Prime series prepares its premiere on Netflix with unpublished images and a brief trailer