The signing of Linda Hamilton “breaks” a promise from the creators of Stranger Things

The cast of the Netflix series adds a pop culture icon again with the Terminator actress arriving in Hawkins.

Despite the fact that the writers’ strike has put the filming of Stranger Things season 5 on hold, the casting process continues and, a few days ago, we received the first announcements.

Linda Hamilton will join the fight against Vecna ​​and his demogorgon in the final season of the series Netflixbecoming the latest addition to pop culture icons such as Winona Ryder either Sean Astin.

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The role that Linda Hamilton will play in the final episodes of Stranger Things has not been revealed, but it is unlikely that duffer brothers They have signed an actress of her stature to be a waitress who appears 10 seconds.

However, the addition of Linda Hamilton to the series It supposes a “broken promise” that the Duffers made before one of the most criticized points of season 4.

Stranger Things and its gigantic cast

Although Stranger Things has a tendency to kill off a few supporting characters each season, the series has amassed such a sprawling cast that, for some, it’s too big. So many characters with subplots require screen time that the show often can’t afford.

Faced with protests on that aspect, the Duffer brothers promised not to clutter season 5 with new additions and to focus more on the main characters. Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike, Max, Lucas, Steve, Nancy, Jonathan and Robinin addition to Joyce and Hopperthey need to close their respective arcs in those eight episodes.

The addition of Linda Hamilton is “the first season 5 casting announcement,” according to the Netflix site TUDUM, which suggests that there will be more. While many may be minor characters with very little weight, the Duffers like to give their space to new additions.

This could slow down the pace of the final season of Stranger Things if not managed properly. It will be necessary to see if the fight against Vecna it doesn’t become a chaotic gathering of characters.

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The signing of Linda Hamilton “breaks” a promise from the creators of Stranger Things