The Sesame Street episode that aired once for “scary”

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Children’s programs can have a great impact among the little ones. For this reason, when in 1976 a special chapter of sesame street, they quickly removed it by taking it out of circulation. Since then, the program that was classified as “too frightening” for children lost track.

Until now, since a video with the 15 minutes of the episode has appeared first on reddit and then on YouTube. yese is about an episode that stars Margaret Hamilton, who relives her role as the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz”.

Not only that. The plot is also based on “The Wizard of Oz”, although instead of looking for the pair of ruby ​​shoes, Hamilton searches for a “stolen broomstick.” Let’s watch the video first:

Margaret Hamilton Wicked Witch on Sesame Street **FOUND FOOTAGE**

As we see, Hamilton terrorizes David, played by Northern Calloway, throughout the episode to get his broom back. In fact, at the end of the episodehaving posed as an old woman, the witch retrieves her broom and flies away as we hear her say: “This is glorious! Look! Without hands!”. At that moment the witch drops her broom, which ends up in the hands of David, Big Bird and his friends.

This “lost” episode originally aired on February 10, 1976, during the seventh season of the popular children’s show. They told then that the intention of the same was to teach the little ones how to overcome your fears, as well as “the value of planning by creating and implementing methods to retrieve the broom.”

Be that as it may, the criticism from the parents did not wait, and the direction of the program decided not to broadcast it anymore. According to our colleagues by A.V. ClubSesame Workshop did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the episode’s appearance on social media.

In any case, and although it was never broadcast on television again, the episode was kept in the United States Library of Congress..[[Reddit, avClub]

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The Sesame Street episode that aired once for “scary”