The Rookie: The character who might not return for the sixth season of the series

The finale of the fifth season of the series The Rookie, was one of the best episodes of the police drama and left fans with a lot of big questions, especially the death of a possible character.

The Rookie is one of the most popular police series on television and it broadcasts abc. The series has been getting better with each season, as evidenced by the increase in viewership for the fifth season. However, this progress would not be possible without the ending of each of the premieres, which keeps viewers coming back thanks to the dramatic twists and the fifth season has shown once again that any character can die, even policemen.

The Rookie:: Thorsen’s life in danger for the sixth season

It’s been a long time since the series The Rookie It didn’t call into question the life of one of its top cops, but that’s exactly what happened in the Season 5 finale, “Under Siege.” At first, Thorsen (played by true valentino) and Juarez (Lisseth Chavez) walk down a dark street after playing Dungeons and Dragons. They hear a scream coming from a warehouse, and as they start to investigate, Thorsen is shot in the back.

He fought for his life for the rest of the episode, and just when it looked like he was going to make it, the season ended with Code Blue. It was a brutal cliffhanger for the fans, but the chances of him dying were slim. Although The Rookie he’s already killed important people behind the scenes, in Thorsen’s case it’s unlikely.

The character has just been included in the fifth season, and neither his actor true valentino neither abc They have announced the departure of the character. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Thorsen is safe. What happens to him will have a great impact in the sixth installment, and fans will be waiting to see if he survives and what will happen to him, since the bullet was in the back and could seriously injure him.

The Rookie: Thorsen is shot in the back and his life is in danger

to the series The Rookie He’s having a hard time coming up with a great villain, as stories about kingpins and drug dealers tend to get repetitive. However, the season five finale could be the start of something new. In this episode, a group of masked assailants attack the LAPD. There was a lot of fighting, but at the end of the episode, the team caught the mastermind…or so they thought.

Revealing the identities of these villains will undoubtedly be a priority for season six, but at the moment, fans have no idea who these bad guys are and what their intentions are. In the meantime, fans will have to wait until Hollywood reaches an agreement with the writers’ strike to start filming the new installment.

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The Rookie: The character who might not return for the sixth season of the series