The return of Juana Viale to TV: a lot of dancing, transparencies, emotion and a curious revelation

This weekend was historic for the Legrand family: both Mirtha and her granddaughter, Juana Viale, returned to open TV after a long period of absence and they did it on the screen of eltrece after incessant negotiations. Chiqui’s return was very significant. As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, she was forced to spend more than two years without being in charge of her tables.

In that context it was Viale, who took the baton, established herself as the host of both cycles and won a Martín Fierro award for her work. “It was a very complicated moment for Argentina and for the world, every fifteen days we were renewing the votes with the quarantine, so I started without knowing how long that continuity was going to last or what was going to happen with the pandemic. All that, which was very terrible, It was giving me an apprenticeship, although I still have a lot to learn, but it was a very intense little journey, ”Juana told LA NACION.

Juana Viale debuted on Sunday at eltrece

This year he returned to the small screen simultaneously with his grandmother and with his own program: Having lunch with Juana, under the production of his brother Nacho Viale with StoryLab. “Grandma decided to do Saturdays and, for me Being on Sundays is a way to finish rounding off this opportunity completely. The first year was a substitution, the second year was to wait when my grandmother wanted to come back…”, added Viale in dialogue with this medium.

Juana Viale showing the scenery
Juana Viale showing the sceneryvideo capture

In her debut, the host, who wore an imposing green tone design by Gino Bogani with transparencies, he entered the studio singing the brand new curtain of the cycle. “First program of my cycle, welcome from the other side. I know there was a lot of expectation I am a nerve walking”, revealed Viale, who is usually relaxed and added: “I am very happy to be here. I came calm as always to start, how beautiful Bogani’s dress. Now with this hallway you can’t complain that I don’t show the clothes”.

Juana Viale with Jimena Monteverde
Juana Viale with Jimena Monteverdevideo capture

Later, He thanked all the bouquets of flowers received (among them, that of the singer Maluma) and He remarked that Valeria Gastaldi, daughter of the deceased businessman Marcos Gastaldi, ex-husband of her mother Marcela Tinayre, composed the musical curtain. The ex-Bandana performs the song “Always with you”. Upon revealing that information, Viale could not help but get emotional.

Minutes later he showed his Martín Fierro, which he left on his desk and thanked the production. “I show my face but my team held me back. Thanks to my brother, and I love it now because it’s my show. And of course I thank my grandmother, who gave me her throne, thank you, It was a pleasure to have been in both cycles”, he added, to then show the scenery and introduce his chef, Jimena Monteverde, with whom he always has fun exchanges.

In her first program, Juana had as guests William Coppola, Ezekiel “the Pole” Cwirkaluk, Roland Barbano Y Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain, the first to be presented.

The model and host entered with a white dress by Maria Gorof and as soon as she saw Juana, she gave her a hug. Both were excited and Pampita congratulated her on the achievement of having her cycle.

Pampita and Juana, excited
Pampita and Juana, excitedvideo capture

“You are a fighter for life,” Pampita told him, and that moved Viale. “You too, I also notice you in a moment of calm, I feel that everything came to you, you are in a great moment.” Minutes later, Ardohain told her how much he loved her, and Viale assured her that the feeling is reciprocal.

In the table, Guillermo Coppola spoke about some details about the bioseries of his life and assured that the figure of Diego Armando Maradona will not have as big a role as people believe. On her side, the Pole alluded to the separation rumors of Barby Silenzi and said that he is very good with her, although it is a “minute by minute” and that he is happy when he can be with her daughters; Y Barbano spoke about the double crime of Vicente Lópezbringing a modern touch to the program.

The Pole in Lunch with Juana Viale
The Pole in Lunch with Juana Vialevideo capture

Likewise, the subject of jealousy was discussed, and the Pole said that Barby is jealous. When Pampita had to answer the same question, she did not hesitate to take charge of what happened to her: “Yes, I am jealous, yes. I’m not going to be politically correct,” she said with a laugh. “But not to the level of creating a scandal,” he clarified.. Juana, on the other hand, revealed that she is not at all. “When someone looks at my boyfriend, in a way he is a compliment to one, apart from that everything can vanish in a second, you have to enjoy it,” said the driver.

As for the success of eltrece, The Hotel of the Famous, Pampita assured that they will return with a second round. “It was a dream project, a different reality show that had a lot of repercussions. Couples were formed, there was the villain, there was the funny one… People appropriated everything, my mother-in-law even asked me about Locho, there was a lot of expectation, so there is a lot of desire to return with many surprises, we will start filming soon”, Ardohain revealed. “We return with the Chinese [Leunis]an excellent companion”, revealed.

About the end of the program, Juana said that she was very nervous, that there was a lot of chaos, but he was happy with the cycle –“It’s my mesaza, my Sunday”, he remarked- which had as a finishing touch a show by the Pole and in which Viale was noticed to be very comfortable and spontaneous, as he had already shown when he replaced his grandmother in two seasons.

“Here’s to the effort, here’s to my first guests,” said Juana at the time of raising the glasses and receiving a bouquet of flowers from her children for her long-awaited debut.

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The return of Juana Viale to TV: a lot of dancing, transparencies, emotion and a curious revelation