The reason why Rafa and Oestes leave ‘Pasapalabra’

      It was a very even confrontation in which the orange team, from jero and the blue team, from Marta, were even in the first test, both finishing with 28 points. The second test ended with a 36 to 35, against Jero’s team. After the alphabet soup, the team from Salamanca is at 58 points, three above blue. The contest culminates with the confrontation in the rosco between Marta and Jero, in which The man from Salamanca won with 24 hits and a single missand therefore, is placed in the semifinal.

      With more than 240 ‘Pasapalabra’ programs behind him, Jero had not set foot on the set of the contest since 2019. The man from Salamanca declares that he feels great joy to meet up with old friends again, to witness the program from the new Antena 3 channel , and for even meeting some contestants that he had only seen on television. “I always watch the program, it is part of my day to day ”he explained.

      He defines the experience as “beautiful”, since it is not about recording every day, it is something punctual, temporary, which implies “spending a good time with my colleagues, both inside and outside the program”.

      The ‘abandonment’ of Rafa and Orestes

      Pass word gives a new twist to the contest and announces that, as of Monday, January 23, Rafa and Orestes will stop fighting for the rosco. Neither of them will fight anymore to get the millionaire pasapalabra boatwhich is close to 2.1 million euros and how much audience it is providing to the program. The rivalry between Rafael and orestes it is already history of Pass word thanks to the large number of duels for the jackpot that both have starred in in recent months. However, the final prize resists these two contestants, who will be some time away from the program after the last decision adopted by this contest.

      Antena 3 opens the tournament on Monday, January 23 ‘Duel of Champions’ of Pass word (8:00 p.m.), a special league in which some of the most charismatic contestants will face different duels for a jackpot of 50,000 euros.

      Eight great names of Pass word They return to the contest to see their faces. Veteran Champions Jero Hernández, César Garrido, Alberto Izquierdo and Rosa Nestal face the new Champions Pablo Díaz, Sofía Álvarez, Nacho Mangut and Marta Terrasa.

      In the first four installments of this ‘Duel of Champions’, the knockout phase, a veteran champion faces a new champion. They don’t know who their rival is until they meet face to face on the set of ‘Pasapalabra’. The classified will be the winner of each donut and, in case of a tie, the one whose hands have failures (following the rules of ‘Pasapalabra’). The prize for winning each round will be 1,200 euros.

      The fifth and sixth installments, the semifinals, will be one more confrontation between those who have managed to overcome the first phase. Finally, the program will have a grand final with the two duelists who have managed to surpass their partners. The winner will take a prize of 50,000 euros.

      The programs of this tournament have the same tests as the daily format of ‘Pasapalabra’. However, ‘Una de cuatro’ and ‘Dónde están’ will be thematic tests and will deal with champions of different disciplines.

      The contestants of ‘Duel of Champions’

      jero hernandez: He has participated in more than 240 programs, in two batches. He is the longest-lived contestant from the previous stage (Pablo surpassed him in this one).

      Cesar Garrido: Winner of one of the highest jackpots, in 2012: 1,524,000 euros.

      alberto left: He managed to win the jackpot in 2012 (374,000 euros) and, from then on, he has participated in all the specials and tournaments of ‘Pasapalabra’, being highly admired for his speed.

      rose nestal: Contestant of a high cultural level, she was one of the few contestants who managed to beat Fran in the duels that both staged. She is the third woman who has starred in the most duels.

      Pablo Diaz: Winner of the first Antena 3 jackpot in this new stage, of 1,828,000 euros. He is the second longest-running contestant on the show with 260 episodes in a row.

      Sofia Alvarez: Jackpot winner in September of last year, with 466,000 euros.

      Nacho Mangut: First contestant of this new stage on Antena 3. He participated in 79 programs and his duels with Pablo Díaz were fierce.

      martha terrasa: after starring (and winning) fierce duels against Paz Herrera and Jero Hernández in the previous stage, he joined the program in this new stage against Pablo Díaz. He added 30 programs and also managed to beat Pablo in a duel.

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The reason why Rafa and Oestes leave ‘Pasapalabra’