The program in which Elizabeth Gutiérrez met William Levy

Although many continue to talk about all the love they felt and experienced Y So it is normal that some fans of both have doubts about when and how they met.

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As is public knowledge, the two artists met on a television program called “Novel protagonists”, which was a reality show of several young artists, who were looking to start in the world of acting.

Like most television programs of this type, its chapters were somewhat controversial, especially because of how the love that was already beginning to be felt between the American and the Cuban was treated.


It all started back in 2002 when the two met because they participated in a reality show. called “Novel Protagonists”. It was there that they fell in love and began a journey together until 2022, although there were several bumps in between, which they knew how to jump.

The program that marked his crush was a Telemundo reality show that was looking for two winners, a man and a woman, who were going to be chosen to participate in a soap opera and thus mark the beginning of their careers in the artistic field.

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William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez in “Telenovela Protagonists.”


William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez They participated in the second season of the television program, but none of them were established as winners, although they did win the prize of having found love, at least at that time.

However, not everything was rosy for the couple of actors during their time on said reality show. And it is that their flirtations and first kisses became one of the main themes of the program, attracting a lot of attention.

Moreover, everything got worse when Erick Elías was inserted into the middle of the relationship to form a love triangle that generated too many conflicts, considering that he was the enemy of the Cuban in what was lived day by day.

All this caused many discussions between the three protagonists of this mini soap opera that was formed within the Telemundo program.

Although none of the protagonists of this note were winners of the season, Erick Elías was.

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Erick Elías and William Levy when they participated in "Novel protagonists"the Telemundo reality show.
Erick Elías and William Levy when they participated in “Protagonistas de novela”, the Telemundo reality show.


Since they began their romantic relationship Y Elizabeth Gutierrez They showed how much they loved each other and that’s how it went over the years. Despite this, they never stepped foot on the altar.

As reported The renowned actress always wanted to marry the Cuban artist, but over time she gave up that dream.

Before, he did, and I was like, ‘Okay, when are we going to get married?’ But I don’t even think about it anymore”, expressed Gutiérrez for that opportunity in an interview with the program ‘The Break at Programa 7′ on Univisión.

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The program in which Elizabeth Gutiérrez met William Levy