The paper house: Korea presented its first trailer and reveal its release date

The Money Heist It became a worldwide phenomenon. The Spanish series was one of the biggest successes of Netflix, and his fame did nothing but grow throughout its five parts. And when there were only a few episodes left before this epic reached its conclusion, Netflix announced that they were going to make a remake in South Korea, transferring Spanish history to the idiosyncrasy of that country.

Under the title The paper house: Korea, Netflix released the first trailer for this new version of the drama about a group of thieves who carry out an ambitious heist. And in the few seconds that the clip lasts, You can already see some differences. A voice-over (perhaps that of the Professor?) ensures at the beginning of the teaser: “A thief who steals a petty cash dies in the chase or ends up in jail. But a thief who steals on a grand scale can change the world and even become a hero. Let’s do the biggest heist in history, the public will see this show live, and they will support us.”

And after those words, you can see the Korean version of the masks that, in the original series, honored Salvador Dalí’s features. Here it is a face that slightly refers to the features of Kabuki (a form of Japanese theatrical performance). Much more recognizable are the typical red overalls, unmistakable symbols of the group.

Later, the trailer shows a few images, among which a shot of the entire group stands out, made up of the seven thieves, among whom you can quickly distinguish who is the equivalent of Tokyo (Ursula Corbero/Jeon Jong-Seo). Around them, a group of young students with blindfolds over their eyes, as seen in the first season of the original version. Finally, the clip ends with the release date, which will be next June 24.

A few months ago, Netflix had uploaded another trailer to some regions, which showed the Professor (Yoo Ji Tae) observed different masks (including Dalí’s), to then introduce the character of the Inspector, who in this version is played by kim yunjinwhom many will remember for his role as Sun in lost.

The paper house: Korea, has confirmed a first season of twelve episodes, which is expected to adapt the robbery to the National Currency and Stamp Factory. As happened with the Spanish version, the future life of this proposal will depend on the success of this initial package of chapters, which many viewers await with enthusiasm and curiosity, to compare both productions and discover what twists and turns this new Korean fiction has in store. than the difference from its predecessor.

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The paper house: Korea presented its first trailer and reveal its release date