The ordeal that Diego Torres revealed in El Trece: “It’s a complicated moment”

Diego Torres visited The night of Mirtha legrand (The thirteen) and surprised to those present with a strong testimony. The outstanding artist was one of the guests at the tv show, which featured the return of the diva to driving to replace her granddaughter Juana Viale for the last broadcast of 2021.

The 50-year-old Argentine actor, singer-songwriter and musician was in the studio of the open channel of Grupo Clarín along with the rest of the visitors: the own “Juanita”, Ricardo Darín, Darío Barassi and Jey Mammón. There, in addition to talking about the workplace, the artist referred to the personal sphere and drew attention with a lapidary revelation.

Diego Torres revealed his personal drama in El Trece: “Crisis”

Amidst the rumors of the break up with his wife Débora Bello, and 16 years after having started their relationship, the singer confirmed that they are no longer together. “Are you separated?”, Shot Juana Viale true to style, without any kind of filter. So, the protagonist had no choice but to answer about it.

With a nervous smile, the artist did not shy away from the question and replied directly: “I think this is a good opportunity to clarify it. Yes, we are going through a difficult time, but we love each other very much. We have a daughter (Nina, eight years old) that we love. We treat each other very well and long-term relationships sometimes have crises of this type “.

After Mirtha legrand interrupt Diego Torres to know if Debora Bello keep living or not in Miami Before the transcended, he expressed that he was “taking care of his daughter” and stressed that “she is an exemplary mother.” About the immediate future of the marriage, the guest remarked: “Let’s see what the time says … Long relationships always have twists and turns. This whole situation with the pandemic was not easy, my work was greatly affected and that influences ”. However, he clarified that both “get along” and that “mutual affection is still alive.”

Diego Torres and Débora Bello are separated

The person in charge of making the news known was Maite Peñoñori, the panelist who left LAM (Los Angeles de la Mañana, El Trece) to go to Intruders (America TV). The young woman explained that “they have been living in Miami for a long time, although there are rumors that he would have moved out of the home they share “.

Diego Torres went through La Noche de Mirtha and spoke about everything at El Trece.

Meanwhile, Peñoñori announced it before he himself Torres officially confirm his information: “We have been searching the networks and Since June they have not posted photos together, she did not accompany him to the delivery of the Latin Grammy, although they have a little daughter. And since the delivery was in Las Vegas, maybe it had something to do with that. Anyway, she gave him some good messages in relation to this award ”.

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The ordeal that Diego Torres revealed in El Trece: “It’s a complicated moment”