The new series from the creators of ‘Westworld’ snatches its position on Prime Video from ‘The Rings of Power’

Just two weeks after the release of the denouement of the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerthe series based on the work of JRR Tolkien has given way to the new fiction from the creators of Westworld. A production that has taken away its place as the most viewed content on Amazon Prime Video.

The double premiere of the first two chapters ofand the rings of power, on September 2, it ended with up to 25 million viewers throughout the world. A number that turned the series into the best premiere in the history of Amazon Prime Video, surpassing even the good numbers of series of the competition like the house of the dragon.

Some good numbers that presaged a great finishing touch for its outcome, which concluded with the sum of up to 100 million viewers who watched the first season. Not even the disparity of opinions prevented the triumph of his eight episodes. An unprecedented success that hoped to drag the audience for a few more weeks.

But, just a week after the release of chapter 1×08, another new series picked up the baton as the most viewed fiction (these days) on the platform, that it maintains since its launch on October 21, in its commitment also to the weekly broadcast.

From the creators of ‘Westworld’

Based on the homonymous novel by celebrated American-Canadian novelist William Gibson, The Peripheral collects a futuristic thriller, set in the year 2032. In this series, Flynne Fisher (Chloe Grace Moretz) lives trapped in a small town in Appalachia, where her only fun is playing video games. Her skills as a gamer are such that a company decides to send her a test of a new system, which hides a great threat.

The creators of WestworldJonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy who recently premiered the fourth season of their flagship series, now act as executive producers of this new production, along with other recognizable names in the industry such as Vincenzo Nataly (Cube, in the tall grass), who also collaborates as director of several of the episodes.

Chloë Grace Moretz (kick-ass, Let me in) leads the cast of The Peripheralin which we also find the actors Jack Reynor (midsummer), louis herthum (Westworld) either Melinda Page Hamilton (Desperate women), among others. Below is the trailer for ThePeripheral, that has already conquered Prime Video viewers:

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The new series from the creators of ‘Westworld’ snatches its position on Prime Video from ‘The Rings of Power’