The new protagonists of ‘Elite’ in season 5: this is Valentina Zenere, André Lamoglia, Adam Nourou and their characters in the Netflix series

The fifth season of ‘Elite’ It has arrived this Friday, April 8 to Netflix. In Espinof we already share with you our opinion about its first episodes and now it’s time to make a stop at its main signings. Next we will review who they are Valentina Zenere, Andre Lamoglia and Adam Nourouin addition to their respective characters in the series.

Valentina Zenere

Born in Argentina in 1997, Zenere knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an actress, which is why she prioritized her first steps in the world of advertising over her studies. Of course, she had to wait until 2010 to take a big step forward in her career, giving life to Alai in the fourth and final season of the telenovela ‘Almost angels’.

Later she continued working on television, but without a leading role until in 2016 she was chosen to give life to Ambar Smith in ‘I am Moon’, a villain who triggered her popularity as an actress in Latin America, also starting a successful career as a singer. After an episodic appearance in ‘The Cable Girls’reaches ‘Elite’ to get into the skin of isadoraa character with whom the series seeks “talking about feminism but from another perspective. She does not consider herself a feminist, or she does it in a very particular way, and also confront it with the universe of Las Encinas, and see how that character was changing“. To do this, his character arc will be closely linked to that of Phillipe (Pol Granch).

Andre Lamoglia

Brazilian actor of the 1997 harvest, Lamoglia’s acting came from his family -his brother is also an actor and he got the bug from there- and at just 18 years old he took his first steps. Of course, it was in 2016 when his career began to take off, that’s when they noticed him to star ‘Juacas’a television series Disney Channel in which he gave life to Rafael.

Since then he has worked regularly both on the big screen –‘The traitor’-, as well as on television, where his participation in the second season of ‘bia’. In ‘Elite’ he plays Ivana character that those responsible for the series were looking for “bring the world of football and heterosexuality. It seemed like a challenge to us to bring something like that to a world like ours, which is much more fluid and bisexual.“. That will lead to his path crossing, especially with Patrick’s (Manu Rios).

adam nourou

Born in France in 2002 but with African origins, although without a dramatic story about the arrival of his country in Europe – himself has confessed things change if you talk about people around you-, Nourou debuted as an actor in 2013 with an anecdotal appearance in the French film ‘Turf‘, the same thing happening a couple of years later in ‘All yours’. It would not be until they signed him to give life to Massar in ‘Adu’ when everything changed for him.

Nourou became the first black actor to win a Goya award and his impact did not go unnoticed by those responsible for ‘Elite’, who signed him to play Bilal, a character with whom, according to Carlos Monterowe wanted to bring a character who was the complete opposite” to the usual in the luxury world of the series – although later, his character mainly shares scenes with Omar (Omar Ayuso)-, thus allowing them to tackle the world of MENAs.

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The new protagonists of ‘Elite’ in season 5: this is Valentina Zenere, André Lamoglia, Adam Nourou and their characters in the Netflix series