‘The neighbor’: the Netflix series comes to an end with a great season 2 that leaves you wanting more

I was disappointed when Netflix announced that the second season of ‘The neighbor’ it was going to be the last. I am among those who enjoyed the first batch of episodes and thought that here we had a series for many years. Unfortunately, it will not be the case and today it will come to an end with the premiere of its last eight chapters.

A few days ago I already shared with you my opinion on the first episodes of this second season and now it’s time to do it its final stretch, where the most traditional humor is not that it disappears, but its science fiction component gains presence to enhance the most delusional side of the series without ever feeling like something forced. Come on what has taken a step forward that has been very good for ‘The neighbor’

A pity that it ends like this

Of course, before all that happens, you have to solve all the mess caused by Fran perea proclaiming that he is Titan, something we already saw in the trailer released by Netflix. The contributions of the actor of ‘The Serrano’ The series have been a lot of fun, but in this phase of the series things get a bit more serious and those responsible for ‘The Neighbor’ know how to deal with it without unbalancing its peculiar tone.

In fact, the only thing that can bother the series is that it is an ending that in no case seems designed to close ‘The Neighbor’, since it cries out for the story to continue with the new scenario. And it is that this second season marks the maturity of the main group, since it is true that during a good part of it their rivalry is explored, but there is a growth that helps to make the series even better.

Along the way, everything is seasoned with an extension of the series’ mythology, taking advantage of already known elements to take it to another level. Of course, at this point what works best is a hilarious Javier Botet in a character who could easily have everything in the series and who at the moment of truth makes you laugh in more than one scene.

Everything in its place

The Neighbor Season 2 Image

And is that the good use of secondaries, whose importance was reduced in the first due to the need to define the leading quartet, is another aspect that allows raising this second season above the level of the first. There, much of the curious and anecdotal that the series was was thrown away, while here there is a greater variety behind the most comical situations.

Giving more space to conspiracy theories also allows ‘The neighbor’ flirting with other subjects without ever losing control of the situation. It is true that that fantastic cut twist that rushes into the final stretch could seem a bit out of the sleeve, but before they are letting it fall that something has to be happening.

There the series succeeds not forgetting at any time that it is an eminently comic proposal in which everything lives more from the chemistry between its protagonists than from what is happening at the plot level. It is true that in this second way there are greater efforts such as the issue of Madrid’s candidacy for the Olympic Games, but what really makes it work is that the new signings fit like a glove in that dynamic with the pre-existing characters.

In short

The Neighbor Season 2 Scene

It is a pity that this second season of ‘The Neighbor’ is the last of the series, since in it the virtues of the first are collected and expanded, adding several more. In addition, this outcome screams to continue the adventures of its protagonists, so I hope Netflix ends up changing its mind about its future.