The name of the winner of the Pasapalabra jackpot in its new stage is revealed. “Totally deserved”

Throughout the more than 20 years of ‘Pass word‘ On television, true great champions have passed through the program who have managed to break all the records of the contest. And now eight of them return to face each other. Antenna 3 debuts the tournament ‘Duel of Champions’Pass worda special league in which some of the most charismatic contestants will face different duels for a jackpot of 50,000 euros.

It’s hard to ask for anything more from the Duel of Champions semifinals. Pablo Díaz and Nacho Mangut met again in ‘El Rosco’, after the 79 duels they staged in a mythical stage of ‘Pasapalabra’. The two have met again in a program full of nostalgia and looking for the final of this special tournament, with 50,000 euros at stake.

As if time had not passed, both staged a battle full of emotion. The failure that Nacho had almost at the beginning, with the ‘E’, has not subtracted one iota. Later he has stumbled again, in the ‘O’, but the merit has been in how he has continued to keep up with his rival.

Meanwhile, Pablo has been faithful this time to his prudent strategy, although demonstrating why he is so good and admired. This time he has made a first round of 21 hits, and has only decided to risk after seeing the mistakes of his rival. In the end, the winner of the program’s millionaire jackpot has prevailed over his rival and has become the first finalist in the Champions duel. In fact, there are many voices that suggest that the violinist will be, once again, the champion of this special of the acclaimed Antena 3 contest.

The Champions

Jero Hernandez > He has participated in more than 240 programs, in two batches. He is the longest-lived contestant from the previous stage (Pablo surpassed him in this one).

Cesar Garrido > Winner of one of the highest jackpots, in 2012: 1,524,000 euros.

Alberto Izquierdo > He managed to win the jackpot in 2012 (374,000 euros) and, from then on, he has participated in all the specials and tournaments of ‘Pasapalabra’, being highly admired for his speed.

Rose Nestal > Contestant of a high cultural level, she was one of the few contestants who managed to beat Fran in the duels that both staged. She is the third woman who has starred in the most duels.

Pablo Diaz > Winner of the first Antena 3 jackpot in this new stage, of 1,828,000 euros. He is the second longest-running contestant on the show with 260 episodes in a row.

Sofia Alvarez: > Jackpot winner in September of last year, with 466,000 euros.

Nacho Mangut > First contestant of this new stage on Antena 3. He participated in 79 programs and his duels with Pablo Díaz were fierce.

Martha Terrasa > After starring (and winning) fierce duels against Paz Herrera and Jero Hernández in the previous stage, he joined the program in this new stage against Pablo Díaz. He added 30 programs and also managed to beat Pablo in a duel.

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The name of the winner of the Pasapalabra jackpot in its new stage is revealed. “Totally deserved”