The mother of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim questions the series: ‘It didn’t happen like that’

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story It has raised passions and hatred in equal parts. Still being one of the most successful series on Netflixthe facts stated have provoked a tide of criticism that have even forced the streaming platform to modify the labels by which the series is classified. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the cruelest serial killers in American history, and Ryan Murphy and his team have tried to represent these heinous acts in their fiction starring Evan Peters. There are already several real figures who have criticized the way in which the various murders that are shown are collected, and now Shirley Hughes, mother of Tony Hughes, has exploded in front of the Netflix series.

Tony Hughes’ family charges against Murphy’s series

Tony Hughes appears in the sixth episode of the series as a 31-year-old deaf man who frequented bars and nightclubs in search of love, until Dahmer killed him in 1991. The victim’s mother has now spoken out regarding these events through Guardian: “I don’t know how they can do this. I don’t understand that they can use our names and put that kind of thing out there.” Hughes assures that what was seen in the series “did not happen like that“and that no one from the production of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story contacted them to dig into the real facts.

The fiction that is sweeping Netflix facing multiple problems despite being a success in audience. The families of the victims have already accused the series of making money from their pain and even part of the team that participated in the development of the story have complained of receiving possible racism and even abuse. It is clear that on this occasion Ryan Murphy has gotten into a good mess with this production. Will the success of the series be overshadowed by this?

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The mother of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim questions the series: ‘It didn’t happen like that’