The most passionate dances we have seen on television: Toni Costa has not been the only one

At the end of their dance routine, many expected a closing with a passionate kiss, but the Spaniard explained to the other guests at the challenge why it did not happen.

Toni Costa explains why there was no kiss in the tango he danced with Sirey Morán in Nuestra Belleza Latina

But this is not the only moment on television in which the stages were lit by watching a couple dance. In fact, reality shows have gifted us with other sexy on-screen dances. Here we remember them.

Yelus Ballestas in Our Latin Beauty

Just a few months ago, another NBL contestant wowed the judges and the audience with her fiery choreography, remember her? Even Adal Ramones confessed that he got nervous when he saw the steps of Yelus Ballestas.

Yelus Ballestas makes Adal Ramones nervous with this sensual dance and is inside NBL

The host of ‘The Free-Guey show’ loves to show her sexy side from time to time, so it was not surprising that in her presentation in Mira Quien Baila, she lit up the dance floor.

After the sensual bachata of La Bronca, and a kiss from a distance, Casper Smart calls himself ‘El Bronco’

Clarissa Molina and Amara ‘La Negra’ in Mira Quien Baila

The Dominicans faced off in February 2019 with a choreography that left the audience speechless: the stage was completely lit up in red, each one wore a silver leotard and leaned on black chairs to show off sensuality.

Clarissa Molina and Amara ‘La Negra’ face each other on the floor with a seductive dance

Clarissa Molina and Toni Costa in Mira Quien Baila

Just a month before, the presenter won the applause of the judges with a passionate tango alongside Toni Costa, showing that the Spanish dancer is one of the Univision’s favorite guests.

Now yes: this is Clarissa Molina’s most sensual dance (and it was with Toni Costa)

Migbelis Castellanos and Juan Vidal in Nuestra Belleza Latina

In 2018, this couple gave us one of the most daring and hottest choreographies in the history of the beauty pageant, starting with Migbelis’ outfit that was quite open and ending with the steps they shared.

Denise Quiñones in Our Latin Beauty

In the 2014 edition, she was godmother of the contestants with Alicia Machado. The truth is that his burlesque dance is one of the hottest we’ve seen in the contest.

Zuleyka Rivera in Mira Quien Baila

The former Miss Universe delighted with her talent for dance in the 2013 edition of said competition. Without a doubt, the most remembered routine of his participation was ‘Feeling Hot’, in which he appeared with a completely ‘nude’ outfit.

Before ‘Despacito’, this is how Zuleyka moved on the MQB dance floor

Which of these dances was your favorite?

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The most passionate dances we have seen on television: Toni Costa has not been the only one