The most famous characters that have appeared in “The Simpsons”

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The Simpson they are one of the most famous families. With more than three decades on television, the series of the yellow characters has become famous for its type of comedy, its way of predicting the history of the United States and the world and for the multiple cameos of different celebrities.

In fact, the cartoon holds the Guinness Record for most celebrity appearances, with more than 500 in 32 seasons.

Here we made a list of some of the most recognizable celebrities who have appeared on The Simpsons:

1. Leonard Nimoy

The Star Trek protagonist made a cameo as himself, being a guest of honor in Springfield.

2. Michael Jackson

The singer voiced the character Leon Kompowsky, an employee in a psychiatric hospital who confesses to Homer that he is Michael Jackson.

The singer did not sing during the series, as he had only been hired to speak.

3. Stephen Hawking

The famous Englishman appeared on the series four times and one of the chapters predicted his death according to viewers. Will be?

4. Lisa Kudrow

The actress played Lisa Simpson’s schoolmate Alex Whitney. At one point in that chapter Alex tells Lisa not to be “a Phoebe” alluding to her role in “Friends.”

5. Anne Hathaway

Yes! The actress even won an Emmy Award for her role as Princess Penelope on the series. In one chapter his character falls in love with the clown Krusty.

6. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The band appears in the last chapter of the fourth season. In a very memorable scene, Krusty convinces them to rewrite one of his songs.

7. Jack Black

The actor and comedian played Milo, the fashionista owner of a Sprinfield comic book store called “Coolsville.”

8. U2

The famous Irish band appears in episode # 200 of the series where they give a concert.

9. Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith frontman and his band perform at Moe’s Tavern.

10. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle appears as Mindy Simmons in season 5. Mindy is an employee of the nuclear plant where Homer works and for the first time, she is attracted to someone other than Marge.

11. Meryl Streep

Streep played Bart’s first girlfriend, Melissa Lovejoy, a cute but naughty girl on the inside. He steals the money from the church and blames it on Homer and Marge’s son.

12. Alec Baldwin

The actor appears in hiding living in a secret mansion in Springfield with Kim Basinger.

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The most famous characters that have appeared in “The Simpsons”