The most difficult moment of La China Suárez: “It hurts me a lot”

“La China” Suarez he opened his heart and spoke of one of the most difficult moments of his life. Despite the fact that a few months ago he was in an extremely happy moment after confirming his relationship with RusherKing and launching himself as a singer, The artist assured that until a few months her life was not all rosy.

This Sunday, October 23, Suárez attended the cycle as a guest having lunch with Joanhosted by Juana Viale and broadcast on the screen of The thirteen. There the famous singer spoke about the high level of media exposure she suffers and revealed how it affected her mental health during the moments when she received the most criticism.

“The truth is that I’m not always well,” revealed “La China” about the large amount of criticism it receives in the media. “Sometimes you get used to it. I am now more stable, in a good personal moment”Suarez continued. He further assured: “It’s a game, but to what extent does anyone have the right to say anything about the other? It hurts me a lot, it’s impotence.”

On the other hand, the actress emphasized that her family often asks her to go out and answer, but many times she no longer knows what is convenient for her health. In that sense, Suárez added: “We have to evolve, it’s not good. I got to take medication.” Finally he ruled: “What happens is that out there people who don’t know me see me as strong or think that I don’t care about anything and that played against me many times, because it’s ‘let’s give it to him, nothing’s wrong with him, he’s unbreakable”.

Sometimes the level of information and constant invention is so much that they no longer give me the hours of the day to send me the amount of shit they say they send me”, he emphasized between laughs. Finally, she stated that what helps her the most to cope with situations is “her environment”.

Wanda Nara annihilated La China for sleeping with Icardi: “Zorra”

Wanda Nara put aside -for a moment- the assumptions of romance that link her to L-Gante to bring clarity to one of her biggest controversies last year, and for which she ended up at odds with Eugenia “La China” Suárez. The businesswoman broke the silence and spoke for the first time of the intimate encounter between her ex, the soccer player Mauro Icardi, and the actress, explaining why she called her a “bitch”.

The media that was part of the jury of the recent big musical show Who is the mask? (Telephone) elected LAM (America TV) as a way to issue a defense against “La China” and through messages sent to Ángel de Brito he spoke for the first time about Icardi’s bedridden and the current couple of the ragpicker Rusherking. “She called me on camera two days after sleeping with my husband in Paris,” Wanda wrote. in the message read by the driver.

“He told me that he wanted to come visit Paris, that’s why he was the bitch. I think I fell short, because the call and greeting my daughters, and telling us ‘I want to see them in Paris soon’ is more than bitch. But he I should have said in private or in person, it just came out like that,” he added. the driver, reproducing the words of the media. For her part, Yanina Latorre did not hesitate to side with Wanda, like the rest of the “little angels” panel.

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The most difficult moment of La China Suárez: “It hurts me a lot”