The Mexican Julieta Grajales gives feminine strength to justice in a new series

Mexican actress Julieta Grajales had to understand that vulnerability and strength are not at odds when embodying in the series crime lottery Victoria, a Mexican detective who, in her eagerness to find justice, will fight for the place of women in hostile spaces such as the police.

“She is a woman extremely committed to her work seeking justice, I loved being able to imagine that I could represent a woman like her because she represents many women with this difficult and risky job and it makes me very proud to be the voice of so many people who dedicates to such hard work”, explains Grajales in an interview with EFE.

The actress, who stars in the action story directed by Carlos Carrera, which is already broadcast on the Azteca 7 channel, closely followed the work of Mexican police officers in order to understand a character like the one she plays.

“We were studying at the Police University for a few days and I was very impressed to see that everything was the same for everyone, that the training is just as hard for men as it is for women,” she explains.

There she was able to learn about the stories of women who, like Victoria, believe in justice in a country so affected by impunity and who fight for equality.

“It was inspiring and I wanted to hold on to these people who do trust their profession and who are there with transparency and ethics,” he confesses.

In addition, he was able to prepare himself to be able to do his own action scenes, since he assures that the only thing he wants a double for in this series, is to do the motorcycle scenes, since the others enjoy acting them.

action and reality

the crime lottery follows a group of detectives from the Criminal Investigation Unit (UNIC), who are in charge of solving cases of serial killers or atypical criminal minds.

Some of the stories that make up the 24 episodes of the first season were inspired by real situations that occurred in the country, and is the result of an “arduous search” by the writers of the show.

“There is a bit of a critical look of reflection, we would like life to be fairer, we would love for all police officers to be super dedicated and ethical, I would like to think that there can be a change in society,” says Grajales.

However, something important about the series is that “it does not make things up”, because according to Grajales, problems such as machismo and the struggle of women within the series are maintained with the intention of pointing out one of the great vices of the society.

The cast, also made up of Claudio Lafarga, Arnoldo Picazzo, Jerry Velázquez, Tamara Niño de Rivera, Lupita Sandoval, among others, also shows various personalities that enrich the program, according to Julieta.

“Each character has its characteristics, there is one that is the ‘strawberry’ (of high social class), which teaches us that sometimes we get carried away by appearances, we have the classic who wants to hit everyone until they get the truth out of them, at Commander, who is tough and wants to close the cases without following up, and Victoria, who is always a fool and won’t let her go,” she says.

Past and vulnerability

The character of Julieta will not only show Victoria’s tough and heroic face, but will also show that within that strong woman there is also room for vulnerability, and that it is precisely from her most sensitive part that her desire for justice is born.

“She had her parents killed when she was a child, and since then she made a promise to herself that she was going to do justice. But there is a very intimate moment in the series with her grandmother, although she always pretends that she only has that face of strength, she is actually a super sensitive person, ”she anticipates.

Grajales anticipated that the entire team is already preparing to finalize a second season.

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The Mexican Julieta Grajales gives feminine strength to justice in a new series