The Maradona from the new series tell what it was like to be Diego

Geo Monteagudo interview

Maradona: Blessed Dream“, the series that will tell the life of Diego Armando Maradona, premieres this Friday on Amazon Prime Video and the three actors who played different stages of the footballer’s life told Come and see how they lived it.

Nicolás Goldschmit plays Diego in his humble beginnings. That is why his part of the story will tell how it was a promise and the origins “of this kind of sports superhero that we have in the country.”

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“It represents their values, where they come from, what their family ties are. When they called me it was a huge joy just for the fact that they consider me,” he valued.

And he recalled: “Each casting instance was very arduous, hard work, but super interesting and challenging for any actor. It is one of the best known characters and thinking about how to do it is something very rich acting. When they chose me, it was to understand that a challenge was coming that was probably going to change my life.“.

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Homemade Nazareno, for his part, he puts himself in the shoes of the “Ten” in his best footballing moment: that Maradona from ’82 who is going to play football in Europe. The actor remarked that the attitudinal change that he has before completely different situations from the ones he lived that he encounters is seen in the series.

He begins to have more powerful enemies, he is more rebellious and rebellious, begins to mature and rebel against certain things, “he synthesized.

The funny thing is that Casero almost refused to participate in the casting, as he revealed, because he was called in mid-2017 to test himself for a series, but they didn’t want to say what it was about.

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“There I said ‘no, if you don’t tell me no’ and they told me ‘well, it’s for the Maradona series’. There I said already, let’s film wherever. Then it was almost a year, but living the adventure was worth the wait, “he said.

Juan Palomino, for his part, stressed that he had to get into an adult Diego where he mixes “from mischief, love for his parents and realizing the rebellion and irreverence of the goal against the English with his hand.”

“I understand that the new generations know Maradona from 40 upwards, the one outside of football itself. But Diego’s magic was always on until the last moment, because he is known all over the world and his death paralyzed him, for more than 48 hours we stopped talking about covid, “he said.

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In turn, he remarked that he has to act for a moment that has a lot to do with loneliness and condemns her to that loneliness. “Everything lived since that time and the sum of all those times and circumstances make this Maradona,” he summarized.

Palomino revealed that when they called him he did not see the possibility of doing it because of his height. For the series he told that had to gain 20 kilos, but he stressed that he was very careful for the production.

The three actors highlighted the work of the series’ director and showrunner, Alejandro Aimetta, from Cordoba. “The work he does is really wonderful, he is a beacon; he knows what he does and explains it very well. He is a Maradonian in his way of distributing the game and scoring goals,” Casero said.

The reasons for watching the series, according to the actors

Goldschmit: “They are going to get excited, each chapter is pure emotion”

Home: “‘Maradona: Sueño Bendito’ is the story of Diego and behind the scenes, you know from the beginning to the top, you can see all the effort he made and the pains he had to go through to achieve his dream.”

Palomino: “‘Maradona: Sueño Bendito'” shows the heartbeat of our country and Latin America at different times in our lives. “

Renowned actors and actresses such as Mercedes Morán and Rita Cortese, such as Doña Tota, also star in the series; Laura Esquivel and Julieta Cardinali, as Claudia Villafañe; Leonardo Sbaraglia, who plays Guillermo Coppola and Nicolás Furtado as Daniel Passarella, among others.

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The Maradona from the new series tell what it was like to be Diego