The Lord of the Skies returns to Telemundo

After hooking viewers with 7 hit seasons, now Telemundo is pleased to announce the 8th season of Lord of the Skies.

If you are one of the lovers of action and drama, this series is undoubtedly for you. The Lord of the heavens is a production inspired by the life of Amado Carrillo, one of the most important drug traffickers in Mexico in the 1990s.

In the series, this criminal boss goes by the name of Aurelio Casillas and tells the story of what his life was like, his ruthless crimes, the confrontations with his enemies and how he never wanted to be just another drug trafficker; he wanted to be the best.

What does the eighth season of the Lord of the Skies bring us?

To the surprise of many, it has already been confirmed that in this new season we will see the return of the main character Aurelio Casillas, who is played by Rafael Amaya.

At the beginning of the seventh season, Aurelio had apparently died, after being in a coma for a long time after an attack on him. Now the criminal kingpin plans harsh revenge on him.

At the end of November, Telemundo shared the Official trailer 8th season of Lord of the Skiesshowing some clues of what will be the new chapters of the series and what happened to the leader of the cartel.

In this 8th season, several issues that remained unresolved in the 7th season will be taken up again and several key characters from the series will also meet, such as Carmen Aub (played by Rutila Casillas), Isabella Castillo (played by Diana Ahumada) and Maricela González (La Felina) who had also died, but the whole truth will be known.

When does the new season of the Lord of the Skies premiere? Everyone watch out!

On Tuesday, January 17 at 9PM/8C, you must prepare your snacks and drinks to enjoy the grand premiere of the new season of the Lord of the Skies on Telemundo.

Where can I see the lord of heaven 8?

To watch the series you can tune in to the Telemundo channel through your key company. You also have the option to see the lord of the skies online through or by entering

As seen in the trailer, this new season will be full of revenge, desire for power and a lot of drama, you can’t miss it!

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The Lord of the Skies returns to Telemundo