The last of us: everything you need to know about the HBO Max series that everyone will be talking about in the coming weeks

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Yes, we know, it’s too early to say that one of the
series of the year. But it is that one of the series of the year is coming. The most anticipated, sure, the best, we have a lot to see. And yet we are sure that
The last of us is
The series that the whole world is going to talk about the upcoming weeks.

Released by HBO Max on Monday, January 16, The last of us is the series that comes to end the failed audiovisual adaptations of
video game, which gives us back the face of Pedro Pascal after settling for (just) hearing him on The Mandalorian and reminds us that pandemics arise when you least expect it. As if we had forgotten.

Craig Mazin, responsible for the unforgettable
Chernobyl, and Neil Druckman, creator of the original story, are responsible for transferring one of the most successful video games of this century to the small screen. And from what we have been able to see, the mission has been carried out successfully.

Pedro Pascal is Joel in The last of us. /

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The last of us starts in 1968, with a television program in which they talk about the possible threats facing humanity on a biological level. One of the invited epidemiologists raises the possibility that it is not bacteria or viruses that endanger the world, but
mushrooms. And his analysis is so devastating that the presenter can not do anything but go to advertising.

Thirty-five years later, in 2003, young Sarah rushes across Texas to groom her
joel, his father, a birthday breakfast, although he is not very excited about turning 36. He agrees to come home from work with a cake. And after leaving class, she buys him a gift, spends some time with her neighbors and then returns home to wait for him.

Joel returns without cake and they celebrate by watching one of his favorite movies, but she falls asleep. When she wakes up, her father is missing, the neighbor’s dog scares her, and it doesn’t take long for her to discover that the world she knows is headed, inexplicably and inevitably toward the future.

Bella Ramsey and Anna Torv in an image from The last of us. /


Twenty years later, in Boston, Joel does his job in exchange for some vouchers that will help him
feed in the next few days. Or to trade them for the material you need to do what you really want, even if it means putting your own life at risk.

All this time, humanity has been mired in a virus-justified regime that has turned people around the world into a threat. A fungus that after contagion takes two days to
attack the brainnullifying their will and turning them into violent beings that feed on people.

So there are two threats, law enforcement and the infected, so survival is the only mission that survivors wake up with every day. However, after all this time, there is also a resistance movement, the
Fireflieswho have all their hopes pinned on Ellie, an orphaned teenager who has never lived outside the exclusion zone.

Anna Torv and Pedro Pascal as Tess and Joel in an image from The last of us. /


Pedro Pascal, who we have recently been able to see in The Mandalorian, as Joel and Bella Ramsey (Becoming Elizabeth) in the role of Ellie, play the protagonists of
The last of us. Both were part of the cast of Game of Thrones, as Oberyn Martell and Lyanna Mormont respectively, although they did not share scenes.

Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD) as Tommy, Joel’s brother,
anna torv (Mindhunter, Fringe) as Joel’s partner Tess and Nick Offerman (Devs,
Parks & Recreation) are some of the performers who are part of the cast of the production, some of whom also participated in the video game.

With a budget of
100 million dollars, and a nine-episode season, the brainchild of Druckman and Mazin is one of HBO Max’s most ambitious projects in recent years. And the success of the video game, one of the best sellers and most awarded in history, has contributed to increasing the expectation of the platform’s series.

The outstanding production design, the work of both protagonists and the
story development These are some of the great attractions of this production that, without a doubt, is going to become the star topic of conversation for lovers of the series in the coming weeks. And in case there is any doubt, to see The last of us you do not need to know the video game or be a fan of this type of entertainment, just be willing to enjoy the great stories.

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The last of us: everything you need to know about the HBO Max series that everyone will be talking about in the coming weeks