‘The Last of Us’: Bella Ramsey reveals when the second season premieres

With the first season of The Last of Us finished, and after the excellent reception of the series both in criticism and in audience numbers, viewers are already looking with enthusiasm towards the second season. The bad news, however, is that its premiere is still a bit far away for various reasons.

The first of these is that HBO did not want to guarantee the next episodes until it was sure that there was massive interest in its production. Fortunately, it was. To the surprise of many, The Last of Us You can now sit at the table of other company giants such as the house of the dragon, succession and Euphoria.

Obviously, the showrunners of the series, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, were not going to start the script for the second season until they received the green light from HBO. However, that big announcement came at the end of January. From that moment on, both creatives were able to focus their efforts on adapting The Last of Us Part 2. The big question that remains in the air is: When it premieres? Bella Ramsey has important information.

In an interview with independent, the actress who gives life to Ellie said that filming will probably begin at the end of this year. Therefore, the second season, at best, it would make its debut in the last months of 2024, or at the beginning of 2025. Yes, you will have to be patient because there is a long waiting period.

“It will take a while. I think we’ll probably shoot later this year, or early next year. then maybe it’s [el estreno] at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025.”

Bella Ramsey.

Be careful, it is important to mention that HBO, for the moment, has not ruled on the matter. However, Bella Ramsey, being a key piece of The Last of Usyou know what you are talking about.

The Last of Us will have at least another two seasons

The Last Of Us

In the recent past, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann had already hinted that the second season would be more complicated to adapt. The reason? Part 2 it’s a much more complex game in many ways. Not only is it longer than the predecessor title; the narrative involves more characters and takes the time to develop each one. Overall, it’s a deeper narrative.

In fact, the showrunners have already confirmed that the second season of The Last of Us it will not be able to cover all the events of the second game. Said in other words, there will be at least another two seasons.

“No. No way. It’s more than one season,” Neil Druckmann replied when asked if the next chapters will manage to cover everything that happened in The Last of Us Part 2.

To the above we have to add that Druckmann and Mazin are enriching the story with situations that did not take place in the games. That idea will not change in the second season:

“I think we know what we are doing in this case. I don’t mean it sarcastically, I mean it with hope. There will be things that will be different and there will be things that will be identical. There are things that are going to be added and enriched. There are some things that are going to change. Our goal remains exactly the same as it was for the first season, which is to deliver a show that makes fans happy.”


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‘The Last of Us’: Bella Ramsey reveals when the second season premieres