‘The Kominsky method’: season 3 is the best and gives a very satisfying ending to the Netflix series with Michael Douglas

On Netflix they were sure they were hoping to have a bombshell on their hands when they gave the green light ‘The Kominsky method’. After all, it was the new series of Chuck lorre, creator of, among others, ‘Two and a half Men’ Y ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and for the leading role they ensured the presence of Michael Douglas.

Everything pointed to a winning bet and the first season managed to win the Golden Globe for best comedy, but at the moment of truth it barely sounded when talking about the best series on the platform. And not for lack of merits, because the initial batch of episodes was already good and the second continued to grow. We have known for some time that the third, which arrives on Netflix this Friday, May 28, was going to be the last, but it is also the best, knowing how to give a very satisfactory closing to the story of Sandy Kominsky.

The momentum of Norman’s absence

From here you will find some spoiler. Nothing that has not already been seen in the trailer, but if you want to get completely virgin to your viewing, you already know what it is.

One of the big doubts about the final season of ‘The Kominsky Method’ was in the fact that Alan Arkin He was not going to appear in it when the series had not given us any sign that would make us think about the disappearance of Norman.

However, the scriptwriters have managed to integrate the death of his character very well within the line that followed the series of resistance to change in the face of the inevitable loss just around the corner to also give him that necessary impulse so that this third season really feel like a highlight.

Kominsky Method Scene Season 3

It is true that the absence of Arkin beyond a handful of specific scenes as a flashback in the first episode leaves us without the characteristic humor of the character, probably the funniest of the entire series so far, but that more playful spirit remains in the subplot about Norman’s inheritance and how Sandy has to constantly haggle over Phoebe’s attempts (Lisa edelstein) and Robby (Haley Joel Osment) for accessing it without restrictions.

For the rest, humor is still present in the series so much, but always looking for a balance with its more dramatic side that keeps ‘The Kominsky method’ away from most current sitcoms. And it is that here you have to live more than ever in the present because the physical and health of several of its protagonists does not exactly go through its apogee and at any moment something irreversible can happen.

True to herself

Kominsky Season 3

Of course, the great common thread of this third season is marked by optimism, by the idea that we are always on time to evolve, to try to achieve that dream that we had left parked. Best of all, ‘The Kominsky Method’ knows how to integrate that subplot in such a way that it feels like something reasonable and logical with what we have seen up to then instead of like an ace out of the sleeve.

The greater presence of Ruth, Sandy’s ex played by Kathleen turner with a more than remarkable chemistry with Douglas, he is also key for the series to navigate with elegance through the great themes of the season. And it is that, in general lines, all the plots that are raised are approached with solvency and good taste, knowing very well how to get at least the spectator’s smile or leave the right dose of bad body. Here the laughter or the waterfall of tears does not matter so much, the delicate balance is more important to be able to jump from one slope to another as naturally as possible.

In this way, six episodes of the third season feel like a logical extension of what was seen in the previous two. With fancy cameos that also make sense, you jot down here and there on age issues and how to deal with them, problems in family and romantic relationships, etc. And it is true that there was no other before the fact of being the final stage of the series, but that does not detract from the fact that he has known how to take that step forward to finish it with great success.

In short

Scene Season 3 Kominsky Method

‘The Kominsky method’ has managed to maintain all its virtues in a third season in which the dreaded absence of Arkin at no time has caused interest to wane. In fact, that has worked as a great engine of a six-episode run that has elevated the series a little more to give an end that could hardly be improved upon to Sandy’s story.