“The Ingalls Family”: This is the drama Alison Arngrim lived through as a child and how her character as Nellie Oleson saved her

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gave life to Nellie Oleson in , a role that saved her life after the drama she had to live as a child, which she recently revealed in an interview.

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The American actress became famous at a young age with the series that was broadcast in 140 countries.

Today, the artist is still associated with the role of , the evil girl who, in her own way, knew how to win the sympathy and affection of the viewers.

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After “”, Arngrim had other roles in the industry but always returned to the role that made her very popular until these days.

During the coronavirus pandemic, through virtuality, it presents “Confessions d’une garce de la prairie”, His stand up premiered in France, where he recalls the recording of the series.

Jason Bateman (Photo: NBC)
Jason Bateman (Photo: NBC)


Alison, in recent days, has been dedicated to working to fight against the child abuse and the infections by HIV.

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And he has used his influence and his character from Nellie to carry out this work because she also suffered from abuse at home when she was little.

“Nellie was a girl I learned to love with. She took me out of my house when I thought there was no escape “, he told in a television interview.

For this reason, on different occasions, the actress has asked the victims to write their story as therapy for “Get rid of all the bad stuff”.

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