The incredible transformation of Stella Maeve after her departure from Chicago PD

Stella Maeve was one of the Chicago PD stars who had a big part in the early seasons of the police drama as Nadia DeCotis. Although her departure was very abrupt, fans have been surprised by how much she has changed after all these years.

In the first season of Chicago P.D., the character of the actress Stella MaeveNadia Decotis became fast friends with Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), but after only a few seasons later Nadia died. When viewers first met Nadia, she was a prostitute (albeit a minor) and a troubled drug addict, and Lindsay immediately recognized this girl from her past life.

As fans of Chicago P.D., Nadia appears from time to time in Lindsay’s life. At first, she ignored Lindsay’s advice to detox, but Nadia came to her when she was ready, at the end of the first season. She broke out multiple times before detoxifying, and she stayed clean in season two.

At the end of the twentieth episode of the second season of Chicago P.D.serial killer Gregory Yates (dallas robert) kidnapped Nadia in Chicago and took her with him to New York in his suitcase. The series picks up where Chicago PD left off, with Yates and Nadia. The latter does everything possible to convince him to let her go, but he is determined to kill her. Lindsay, Hank Voight (Jason Bege) and other police officers tracked Yates to New York, where they tracked down Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and continued their research. Unfortunately, a clue led them to the beach where they found Nadia’s body. Yates kept his promise to her and raped, tortured, and murdered her, destroying Lindsay, who was there when Nadia was discovered in Law & Order: SVU.

Undoubtedly, the participation of Stella Maeve as Nadie was very important and left a great mark on all viewers. Since his departure came in a 2015 episode of Chicago P.D., fans have been shocked by the incredible change of Stella Maeve after these years and a publication on their social networks reveal their great transformation.

The transformation of Stella Maeve years after her departure from Chicago PD

Stella Maeve after her departure from Chicago PD

The actress is not very active in her social networksbut when he does, he does not stop surprising all his fans. Stella Maeve he talked about the look on his face and how much he missed it in combination with his beautiful hair. Her fans did not stop talking about how incredible she looked and her great participation in The Magicians, the series for which she is best remembered.

Stella Maeve She has had great success on television since leaving Chicago PD, following her departure the star landed a big role in The Magicians series as one of the lead actresses and participating in more than 60 episodes. While she was working on The Magicians, Maeve she also played Lily in Long Nights, Short Mornings in 2016, Brooke in Take 10 in 2017, and in 2019 joined God Befriended Me as Sophia for one episode. Most recently, Maeve played Cody in seven episodes of Mayans MC in 2022.

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The incredible transformation of Stella Maeve after her departure from Chicago PD