The incredible physical change of Nathan Fillion in The Big Bang Theory before The Rookie

The Rookie police star Nathan Fillion has had a very successful career, even appearing as a guest star on the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Although, his followers were surprised by how changed he looked when he appeared.

It is true that The Big Bang Theory has had a wide variety of popular Hollywood stars who had brief and interesting comedy roles throughout the 12 seasons. One of the featured guests is Nathan Fillionknown for his starring role in the cult science fiction series fireflyas well as more recent roles in series such as Castle and The Rookie.

The fans of Nathan Fillion who saw the actor’s performance in The Big Bang Theory they were surprised by the funny moment. Fillion appeared in the 8th season episode 15 that aired in 2015 titled The Comic Book Store Regeneration. Halfway through the episode, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) find Fillion -playing himself- dining alone in a delicatessen.

When they approach him, excited to meet a celebrity they hold in high regard, he pretends to be someone else. However, this does not convince them and they quickly force Nathan Fillion to admit his identity. Raj, meanwhile, wants to make sure it’s really him and bombards Fillion with questions. Finally, they take a selfie together, in which the star of firefly he seems visibly upset by everything that’s going on, turning his photo into a comic moment from the scene.

In fact, in a 2018 interview Nathan Fillion spoke briefly about how his appearance on The Big Bang Theory: “I got to know these people. The people who write the show are geeks like me, so they like geek culture and stuff,” Fillion said. Interestingly, as TBBT fans are well aware, the eighth season in particular contains many references to his work on fireflywhich naturally led to its inclusion.

Nathan Fillion played himself on The Big Bang Theory and he looked amazing

Nathan Fillion played himself on The Big Bang Theory

When they reference Firefly, they joke about the series, Nathan Fillion against Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern, touching on topics that we all talk about in geek culture. In the same interview, Fillion then responded to a question about whether the scenario depicted in The Big Bang Theory could happen in his real life, revealing that some people have approached him to describe him as only looking like Nathan Fillion.

“People ask me if anyone has ever told me I look like Nathan Fillion. But I’m also often mistaken for Jason Bateman,” he joked,

As the star was explaining, his scene in The Big Bang Theory it’s a comedic version of what actually happened in his real life. One of the reasons why he looked very different from how many have known him from other television shows. Now, the star is starring in one of the most successful police series on the chain. ABC The Rookie.

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The incredible physical change of Nathan Fillion in The Big Bang Theory before The Rookie