The incredible physical change of Kevin Sussman for Ugly Betty, before The Big Bang Theory

Unlike many of his The Big Bang Theory co-stars, Kevin Sussman was a late developmenter as an actor. After several jobs, the star managed to get his first successful role years before in the Ugly Betty series, sporting an incredible physical change.

Between the fall of 2007 and the spring of 2019, it would have been hard to find a bigger hit on the small screen than The Big Bang Theory. During the sitcom’s 12-season run, fans tuned in in droves to see what nerd-centric antics Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and their friends got up to.

As it was, many of those hijinks played out in the cozy confines of the Pasadena Comic Center, which was owned and operated by comic book lover Stuart Bloom. Although initially a supporting character, Stuart would become a regular presence in the gang’s various endeavors, both inside and outside of his shop. He eventually even got his own romantic subplot from him when he hired Lauren Lapkus’ Denise to help run the beloved Comic Center.

Stuart would appear in 84 episodes of The Big Bang Theory before all was said and done, becoming a legitimate favorite among fans of the series. That was largely the result of excellent comedic work by Kevin Sussman, who played Stuart throughout his tenure on The Big Bang Theory. Sussman was probably familiar to many fans of the series, thanks to his long career.

kevin susman He worked a lot from its inception, but in 2006, he landed a major recurring role on ABC’s surprise hit sitcom, Ugly Betty. the season of Ugly Betty de Sussman began during its inaugural season, with the actor playing Walter, the high school sweetheart of lead character Betty Suarez (America Ferrara). Walter understandably earned the ire of Ugly Betty fans during the pilot episode after breaking up with Betty to look for a mutual acquaintance.

Kevin Sussman worked a lot from the beginning, but in 2006 he got his first major role in the series Ugly Betty.

Kevin Sussman with America Ferrara in Ugly Betty

The breakup didn’t last long, however, as the couple’s ups and downs continued for most of the entire first season. As for the rage, it never quite ended, largely because most of the fandom of Ugly Betty he also spent much of that season shipping her and the handsome Henry Grubstank (Christopher Gorham).

The writing team of Ugly Betty finally put an end to the adventure of Walter, played by kevin susman and Betty at the end of the season, the former packed up and left town to find a new job. While some fans weren’t all that sad to see Walter go, we can’t help but think that the series’ creatives were sincerely bummed out to lose a comedic talent like Sussman.

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The incredible physical change of Kevin Sussman for Ugly Betty, before The Big Bang Theory