The incredible physical change of Courteney Cox for her first series as the protagonist

Courteney Cox played the role of mother hen and cleaning enthusiast Monica Geller in Friends, from there everything changed, but 38 years ago, the beautiful actress sported an incredible physical change in the first series in which she obtained a leading role .

One of the most beloved American television shows of all time, friends (1994-2004) has caused many laughs among audiences around the world. It cultivated a generation of sitcom lovers and inspired a tight-knit sense of community.

As the most experienced actress in the main cast when the show began, Courtney Cox she became known for her motherly nature on set as she advised her co-stars to give each other notes, suggestions, and acting advice. This was to make the show even more entertaining, allowing the cast and crew to tell her “if only she could do something more fun.”

As friends was generally marketed as a family show, you might be surprised to learn that the Los Angeles Times and other critics at the time thought the performance of Courtney Cox as Monica she was instrumental in subverting the stigma that attractive women were incapable of dabbling in comedy. This was mainly due to her dialogue that touched on taboo topics on television, such as safe sex, casual sex, and age disparity in relationships.

But before you change the history of television and your own, Courtney Cox He started with small roles until he got his first starring role in a series, in 1986, 38 years ago. specifically on the show Misfits of Scienceof which only she survived in stardom.

Misfits of Science was the first series that Courteney Cox starred in 38 years ago

Courteney Cox played Gloria in Misfits of Science

Misfits of Science is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series created by James D. Parriott that aired on NBC from October 4, 1985. In Misfits of Science, Courtney Cox plays Gloria, a telekinetic teenager who once vandalized a jewelry store in a shopping mall due to her out-of-control powers.

The Serie Misfits of Science featured superpowered humans and their wacky adventures. The team consists of Dr. Billy Hayes, a research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute who specializes in “human anomalies.” He works with the wry Dr. Elvin “El” Lincoln, and together they recruit Johnny Bukowski, a rock and roll musician, and Gloria Dinallo (Courtney Cox), a telekinetic teenager. The show lasted until February 21, 1986.

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The incredible physical change of Courteney Cox for her first series as the protagonist