The incredible physical change of actor Reid Ewing after finishing the Modern Family series

If you were to combine a conventionally handsome Hollywood leading man and a modest actor, you’d probably get Reid Ewing. This is an actor who filled us with tenderness and laughter in the hit series Modern Family and who, at the end of the show, has gone through an incredible physical change that surprises many.

Reid Ewing played Dylan Marshall on the hit series Modern Family, a role that, while initially unassuming, is arguably what propelled her career to the next step. At first glance, Dylan looks like many a bad boy on TV: a wannabe rock star with a disgruntled tone of voice and a penchant for pseudo-stoic stares.

As he continually dates, breaks up, and reconciles with Phill’s (Ty Burrell) and Claire’s (Julie Bowen) eldest daughter, Haley (Sarah Hyland), viewers of Modern Family they begin to realize that Dylan is much different than he appears on the surface, just not deeper.

Reid Ewing he plays Dylan as a cold, goofy little puppy who feels intense emotions and isn’t afraid to express them. A recurring joke about the series sees Phil eager to befriend Dylan in order to feel good, with Dylan surprisingly enthusiastic about his strange friendship.

He’s not the perfect boyfriend, but he’s certainly not the worst of Haley’s boyfriends in Modern Family. Ewing played Dylan sparingly for the first ten seasons before joining the cast as a series regular in season 11, becoming the husband of Haley and the father of her children.

Reid Ewing went through an incredible physical change after multiple plastic surgeries caused by addiction

Reid Ewing played Dylan Marshall in Modern Family

Reid Ewing he last played Dylan Marshall in 2020, when all the famous actors’ lines took their last bow in the series finale. Since he started appearing on Modern Familyit seems that the actor has done a lot of personal work. The undeniably handsome Reid Ewing He went through a dark battle with body dysmorphia throughout the sitcom’s tenure, which eventually led to a nightmarish experience with plastic surgery that eventually turned into an addiction and led to an incredible physical change.

After Modern Family, Reid Ewing seems to be focusing on independent projects. She appeared in back-to-back shorts with director Todd Lien, 2021’s Always Come In Second, and 2022’s Nest. She worked on a drama titled Generation Angst. The film follows a grunge musician trying to survive a devastating drug addiction. With such a promising project on the horizon, it looks like Reid Ewing is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his already successful career.

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The incredible physical change of actor Reid Ewing after finishing the Modern Family series