The incredible IPTV list that allows you to watch more than 7,000 television channels for free

In recent years, we have witnessed how IPTV has been growing and best of all, it does not seem to stop creating. Whether in its legal versions as in those illegal. The fact of being able to consume content on a multitude of channels and from different devices, the truth is that it is quite comfortable. As is the case that we bring you today, an option that offers us more than 7,000 television channels and totally free.

On this occasion, we bring you a completely free option with which we can watch thousands of television channels. Via a GitHub page we find an alternative that will let us enjoy channels from all over the world. In addition, it also has different categories in case we prefer a specific theme.

More than 7,000 television channels

Specifically, we are facing an alternative that compiles more than 7,000 channels TV available from around the world. That is, from a large part of the countries. To be exact, we will have the possibility of having access to 7,285 channels from all over the world. Although the best of this collection of IPT channelsV is that we will not have to pay anything to get to have these channels.

In addition, another of its strong points is that it will be easy to use this option. We will only need to have installed one of the many players that exist to be able to play IPTV content, either on a Windows computer or on a mobile. And not only do we have a single playlist, but they are grouped into different categories so that we can choose freely. In any case, there are two main lists above the rest that come with the m3u extension:

  • This list includes all the known channels, but without the adult channels:
  • The Complete version from the main playlist:

Therefore, to start enjoying these channels, it will be as simple as opening the video player that allows us to watch IPTV content, paste the link where applicable (will be different depending on the player) and touch Open or Play.

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However, not only will we find two general IPTV lists, one with and without the adult channels, but we will also find other divisions so that we can quickly access the television content that interests us. For example, we will find the playlists that are sorted by Category. In this tab, we will see comedy, children, entertainment, music, series… And much more.

Although, it will not be the only division that we find. Since, depending on the language we want, we will also find a playlist in which, even, will indicate the number of television channels that we will have available completely through these free IPTV lists.

And, finally, we will find that the lists will also be ordered by region. We have tested it and it works very well, so we will only have to add the list that interests us to start seeing the different television channels that it offers us.

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The incredible IPTV list that allows you to watch more than 7,000 television channels for free