‘The House of the Dragon’: when season 2 premieres

    Director of The House of the Dragon, Ryan Condal, has recently revealed the plans for the second season and the possible future of the series. Adapted from the popular fantasy novel fire and blood from George RR Martin, the new series focuses on the history of House Targaryens. Set 172 before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), the series primarily focuses on the drama leading up to the Dance with Dragons, a civil war between the family of silver-haired dragons.

    The first season of The House of the Dragon It is 10 episodes long and will cover nearly 30 years of Westeros history. Due to the sheer amount of information, the series’ directors have flirted with the idea of ​​an anthology structure to cover different aspects of the Targaryen dynasty. Although the series will be very long, Condal previously revealed that he and his co-director, Miguel Sapochnik, already know how it will end. The House of the Dragon.

    In a recent interview with Collider, Condal advanced the plans for the future of The House of the Dragon. The showrunner explained that they already have a plan in place for the second season. Condal shares that there is “300 years of Targaryen history to explore“.

    “I think we have a pretty well laid out plan. Plans always have to be pretty broad, but you have an idea of ​​landmarks and places you want to go, and a sense of end point, which I think is really important, especially with this story. We’ve got 170 years of history ahead of us, so you have to figure out when the curtain goes down on this particular story. We’ve always had a good sense of that. I think we have a good plan for season two. There’s really 300 years of Targaryen history to explore, and there’s a lot of stories within that that are really fascinating. There’s the story of the conquest, the story before the conquest, the Targaryens leaving Old Valyria. You’ve got a story like this, where the Targaryens have dragons and are in power. And then there are also stories where the Targaryens don’t have dragons anymore, but they’re still in power. What changes there, and how is it different? It is a very rich tapestry. It is a very rich landscape. I think the fan base is willing and eager. There is much left to tell in this world, if people want it.”

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    ‘The House of the Dragon’ Season 2: release date

    The House of the Dragonlike Game of Thrones, works on a grand scale, with scenes shot in dramatic locations around the world and with intricate special effects added in post-production. Although we’re still not sure how the first season will end, you can be sure that the iconic images of dragons flying overhead will bring echoes of the original series.

    But with such a high production value, each season takes a long time to make, so fans shouldn’t expect the second season to come any time soon. The first season required about 10 months to shoot, even before the visual effects and editing were done.

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    The shooting could again last a year, and that the visual effects work could take the same time. The newspaper Hoy has stated that filming is scheduled to return to the city of Cáceres (Spain) in March 2023. Cáceres is the place previously used to represent King’s Landing. This means that it is unlikely that the next season of The House of the Dragon arrive before the summer of 2024 at the earliest, and possibly even later that year.

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‘The House of the Dragon’: when season 2 premieres