The Hotel of the Famous: Silvina Luna returned to reality after being hospitalized

After having been hospitalized for several days, Silvina Luna returned to the Hotel of the Famous. The actress surprised her companions, who were not aware of her return, and also the viewers, who did not have either too many details of what happened to her from the moment in which it was decided to leave the game to be properly treated.

Silvina Luna returned to the reality show of eltrece

“I’m going back! I can’t believe it… I open the hotel door and I feel very nervous about meeting my colleagues again,” said the actress, in front of the camera, with a smile that had disappeared from her face in her last days on the show.

Silvina Luna returned to the reality show of eltrece
Silvina Luna returned to the reality show of eltrece

The first he wanted to surprise was Alex Caniggia, who was sleeping in the guest room. Sabrina Carballo and Pato Galván were also there and it was to them that he told them what had happened from the moment he left the program.

I went from here to the hospital and from the hospital here, non-stop. I didn’t go home”, he revealed to them. And, alone with the camera, she expanded: “I was in bed for 5 days. Today I arrived and little by little I am moving my body and returning to the normality of my day to day.”

The former participant Big Brother He explained that from now on he must respect certain rules to avoid falling back into the same state. “I’m going to come back with other care that the first two weeks, with the emotion, I passed by, and that has to do with more hydration, eating without salt and aligning myself more with meals. And, also, with regenerating the body after each exercise and not sunbathing”, he indicated. And he added: “They changed my medication and they are going to see my face swollen for a few days because of that.”

Those cares that he told his colleagues about have to do with the symptoms he felt before leaving and that set off an alarm. After the second week’s challenge between the staff members, Luna started to feel bad. “After the game, I went to take a shower and I started to feel a lot of headache, palpitations. They took my blood pressure and it was very high; and I usually keep it low”, The actress told her companions at the time. And she added: “I got scared, I got nervous. Most likely she dehydrated me at the game. That’s why my mouth was dry.”

Later, he would tell Melody Luz: “Afterwards, I didn’t eat anything, until today at breakfast. They gave me a serum to hydrate me and gave me a pill to lower my blood pressure, because it wouldn’t go down. The doctors came, they gave me an electro. Today I got up and he had lowered me, but he raised me again”. When she went back to the infirmary to have her blood drawn, she would discover that, in addition, she had some lines of fever.

When the results arrived, the doctor informed him that many values, including creatinine, were not within the expected range. Upon hearing about it, the actress broke down in tears. “I don’t want to leave,” she can be heard saying, as she lies back on the examination table.

“They gave me elevated levels, so I’m going to go to hospital now to be leveled,” he told his colleagues through tears. “I don’t want to cry… I’m already used to this; They are episodes that I have from time to time. I thought I was going to be able to sustain it here.” The episodes to which the model refers are those that she has been having for years as a result of the malpractice that she suffered at the hands of Aníbal Lotocki.

In dialogue with Leandro “Chino” Leunis, he would add: “I began to feel a very, very great wear, in addition to the injuries and cuts. And he had very red eyes. I spoke with my personal doctor and he recommended that I leave here. And I know that if I go to hospital now, I will be able to recover and if I don’t go, it’s a big risk.”

Two days after the program of his departure was broadcast, Luna went to social networks to bring peace of mind to his followers. On her Instagram account, the actress shared an image from the clinic room where she was hospitalized and wrote: “I would also like to thank the enormous medical team of the Italian Hospital, who received me with great love and take care of me from the first moment. . To @boxfishtv, to @eltrecetv and to all those who are part of @hoteldefamosos and to my colleagues for all her love”, she concluded while she noted that she was very well accompanied by her brother.

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The Hotel of the Famous: Silvina Luna returned to reality after being hospitalized